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I got you and she's like oh. That's that's what i wanted you to do. And then she judo flips him over and beats the living bejesus out of him. She's got many many wins over bam other characters before i get to the big one here is <hes> <hes> she has defeated the midnight or who is an excellent character a very super enhance hero who can who had trouble with her because she's so unpredictable. He is combat algorithms if you will there imbedded inside of him couldn't figure out what she was going to do next. She has a victory over damian wayne. Who is the most powerful robin of this entire world trained by ninjas from the age of what is it james two-three who three we've done him on the show before from birth from birth and she just straight out defeated him she <hes> one of my favorite moments and using the unpredictability deception she beat wonder the woman one on one and a fight now it was a little deception. It's not like she just stood in front of her and they punched it out. She pretended to be a flower delivery. Service a person at a time when wonder woman knew that someone was coming after her and somehow wonder woman answered the door when she knocked on it instead flowers because he couldn't be that stupid and womb harley just takes her out right right there but my favorite one and this is the craziest one of all of the above is harlequin one v one defeated superman it a boxing contest now now if you're familiar and i'm sure you are with the mohammad-ali versus superman comic book very very iconic comic book. This was throw a shoutout throwback to that. I think so in that comic originally superman brought down his powers and fought muhammad ali one on one in the boxing ring. They recreated that for whatever reason they decided you don't need reasons is right. It's fun. Let's do it. Harlequin puts on the boxing gloves lights up against superman whose ramped his powers down a little bit. Let's keep it real. He could melt her face with two seconds. 'cause he's superman superman but in a fair fight against the man of steel who is still invulnerable who still is very very strong strong as he wants to be. They had a boxing match and superman got got roughed up by harlequin in boxing match and there are not too many characters of quote unquote upper street level power which would both of these characters are that can claim a victory of any kind over superman. She beat superman and that's my point number three <hes> to you chew on that indeed. May i ask them rebuttals before they were perfect. Okay how many times batman beat harley quinn. He's he's headwinds ends. I mean obviously he's brought her to justice several times. I mean it's the nature of the batman character because let's face it and this is the one of the big problems trying to argue for batman in the who would win battle this. This is a chance encounter. No previous knowledge batman needs. It's time to prepare so if they just meet in a chance encounter harlequin and batman harlequin tends to defeat batman but when given time to prepare era and he's decided like i'm gonna go get. Her ban will win that every time because he's frigging batman. I'll actually disagree with that. I'll say the harlequin does have wins over batman but the vast majority of the time prepared or not prepared. Batman atman has beaten harley quinn. No i'm not here. I'm who am i specifically examples of her cleaning her clock and that's enough for the who all right who am i but just like a batman fanatic. Okay okay you know whatever so you have reason to lie. Sure wonder woman so that was a non that was a surprise environment wasn't like straight up. You're taking you on your taking me on where green fight. Let's go and the point i want to argue with that is one the unpredictability who's to say. She can't surprise black widow is something similar but also to knock out wonder woman requires..

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