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Or is there an opportunity that Michigan could be better better served with maybe a speedy smaller inside linebacker in Khaliq Hudson to kind of compliment what they have with with Devon Gill who's very fast Josh Ross who has speed. But I don't think he has the same kind of speed that Khaliq Hudson has so I think to me it's one of those things I'd have to see it. But I think I think Michigan could be better served and don't forget they have. Excuse me couple safeties. Jalen, Kelly Powell and Brad Hawkins who who played viper. Their freshman year three. They tried him out. There didn't quite like what they saw. So they moved him back to safety. But maybe maybe you try again, maybe you try with another safety mean they've got a lot of safeties. And I assumed Dax hills gonna start over all of them, you know, as with Josh Mattel's. So maybe do you say John John Kelly Powell, hey bulk up we're on your cigarette. Brad Hawkins sixteen pounds right now. Bulk up get ready to get ready to stop some runs. Get ready to get into the backfield. I think it's worth a try. Yeah. If if I'm dislike doing my. Lack of information. But just guessing what I think works best, right? My whole thing about Ben Bredesen's should have been a tackle Rashard. Gary should've played defense on the inside a little bit more. I think it's worth a try. I think it's I think it could be a good luck. I don't think it's crazy. I think he he fits it. I think Michigan's personnel. Maybe doesn't demand for it. But could be better served with it. So I like it. Vertu betterment of the team. Obviously, you try to make the change repetition. I don't know about that. Ms do you really want? If you're if you're running Michigan football. Do you really want to do what's best for Michigan football? I don't know. Let me think about that. Yeah. I would Zachary I would want to I mean. You're you're obviously we've seen Josh Ross trying to take over the role that Devin Bush leftover you know during the peach bowl game. And there has been a struggle. I would think but again that was mostly listening to the game not really getting a chance to watch the game. Thanks through the TV in here in the studio. So that was also a big hinder on my end. But I mean. I'll be honest when you guys say, Mike, and will I keep thinking about is some dues they Mike. And will I don't know what the difference between the two when it comes to the linebacker position. As far as the interior. I'm assuming one is like strong side ones. Weakside linebacker. I have no idea all say is that, you know, you wanna find the best fit for whatever position you get. If that means having Khaliq move up to a linebacker position. Then totally put it plug them into the spot. If it means putting him as a as free safety or whatever put him there. It's basically the next man up floppy if you're the next man up the best suit that position than fill that spot. Yeah. Well, I think certainly be something to keep an eye on. There's going to be a lot of movement. When you've got as many defensive losses as they have had losing, you know, losing a safety losing one of their starting Cornerbacks losing Devon Bush, obviously losing to defensive ends. There's gonna be a lot of jockeying that goes on in this this off season and then certainly in spring ball and going into football season. So that's one to keep an eye on. He does look like he could get big enough and play the middle spot. Could they get more out of the viper? Could they get a different type of hybrid than they've had in the past is as good as as fast as Clarkson is using off the edge. A lot of teams were able to it takes them longer to get to the quarterback then comes straight up the middle like Devin Bush was able to in his ability to to be able to cover from the middle. Like we saw they used and Bush as the guy that covered the the running back out of the backfield. Maybe something like Klay constant can be really good there. He certainly motivated. He looks like he wants to be a leader. You're always wanna put your your best player and your leader at the Mike spot. So certainly wanna keep a look on. When we come back who is Michigan's number one player, and who are the top three players going into the nineteen sports talk to him. Stockton, fifty W took it..

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