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Station news ninety three point one KFBK help when you're lawmakers have passed legislation this year aimed at guarding against financial harm from wildfires it during fatal police shootings and expanding healthcare do young illegal immigrants that's on top of efforts related to employment law housing and requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns the woman who was arrested after she allegedly threw a feminine hygiene device containing what appeared to be blood onto the floor of the state Senate has been released on bail forty three year old Rebecca delay was arrested Friday night on suspicion of felony vandalism misdemeanor battery and four other counts related to disrupting official state business Sacramento state university has accidentally accepted thirty five hundred wait listed students for fall admission the Sacramento bee reports that the students were mistakenly invited to admitted student's day after an email was sent in March welcoming them to the event and that's the latest news Cindy child. good morning Cathy freeway westbound righted exposition Boulevard the sight of a multi vehicle accident for a while a couple of cars were blocking some lanes it looks like all the calls are now on the right hand shoulder so traffic recovering a couple of accidents on the surface three both on what Avenue one on in a loop road one on Larchmont outside of that traffic behaving itself even in a west Sacramento if you can believe it you're not supported just thirty minutes I'm Jack Faris new sort of the point one can't be can't. plenty of sunshine today high of eighty three to eighty seven tonight partly cloudy low of sixty one to sixty five.

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