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Good job. Then your student nearly got 30 points. Not quite. That was a huge block by Ben a huge block. I couldn't believe he went with the deli meat instead of doughnuts, because if he didn't Block that she would have passed him. Yeah, so huge, And my mom would always say, Do you want that good daily meat for your sandwich? Meat over to skin with the points tripled. Yeah, it's huge. Just like Get amazed. Four. Can you get the fourth multiple drawers for 12 points. Who is the first NFL player to answer. I'm going to Disneyland and those popular commercials. Doug Williams, Joe Montagna, Marcus Allen, who is Colorado Rockies or Phil Simms? Wait a new Puma. Give it to me again, who was the first NFL player to answer? I'm going to Disneyland in this popular ads. Was it Joe Montana? Marcus Allen, who is Colorado Rockies or Phil Simms? I mean, I believe it was Joe Montana. Yeah. It was Phil Simms. Wow, skin. How is he Bungles 12 more points. That was that would have been 24. That would have kind of not really got me to be close at all. Uh, there would have been 12 would have been 89. Okay, Ben. Okay? Long will you hold on? Yeah, we have another surround. Don't tell him to hold on to No, no, no, not Santic 93 letter, right? Ben, Stand up in your corner. Fire off a shot. This will be a nine point shot. You're releasing into the Hey, man, Keith, say it differently. Get this right. Here we go. He went with a heavier ball. That's fine. Can you see if it goes into all right to go there, Christine, I'll do it for nine points. Ben does this and let it right. Just f y. I think he's cheating. Oh, what a long. Oh, we both get nine points if we get the rebound No, still try it, Christina. Stupid. Oh, Christina, The points are tripled. Oh, Ace in three years. Well, Cole Hamels being a five point bonus. Yeah. So 15 points as the points triple. She's up to 1 27 Oh, Ben 1 38 Christina 1 27 skins at 65 but still has a chance. And how much will you pay me to stall? No, There's no stalling. Here's his next card. Comey, Joseph Stalin, if you know what I mean, Queen. Oh,.

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