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Our Facebook page or on Twitter, always happy to hear from you as we're talking about the NFL. When it comes to the quarterback situation. Nick foles now for the Philadelphia Eagles. It's going to be that way for a while. We'll give the update on Carson Wentz after our first break, but it was kind of fun to see him catch yet another pass. And I said this before that as much as I'm excited about Carson Wentz getting healthy both four Carson. But also as football fan. I mean, I want to see Carson back on the field. He was so good last year. As much as I'm excited about that. And I wanted to be healthy this moment, I felt like should belong to Nick foles. There was no way Nick was going to start. If Carson got cleared, but the fact that he was the Super Bowl MVP that he came in and played the way that he did that he was such a big part of that championship. I thought it was only fitting that he would be the guy who starts for the eagles in front of their home fans on the night in which they raise the banner and then little did. We know even though Nick said they only practice Philly. Philly one time this week. They weren't anticipating that they would use it in this game against the falcons. I thought it was awesome. It's almost like bringing bringing the Nick foles storyline. Full circle to have him catch yet. Another pass on the same play in the third quarter tonight in the game. Or there was third down you need a you need a big conversion, but you also want to give some momentum going. So we knew that we could probably get him a main coach at that time. So they don't really count for me. The drop me give me a little bit of time now gone and mitigate throw on. But yeah. Yeah. I think that was just a huge momentum boost restaurant the game. It definitely was. There were fifteen point scored by the eagles after that. Only three prior to Philly Philly being trotted out again, Nick foles did not have an especially compelling statistical nights. He did just enough. The offense did just enough foles was nine thousand nine hundred thirty four for one hundred seventeen yards and an interception and JJ had the sixty two yards with a couple of touchdowns Nelson. Al Gore was really active as well. He's actually the one that threw the ball to foles. But otherwise, there weren't a lot of all -fensive highlights for the eagles or for the falcons really other than Julio Jones. He was fantastic. Kevin Coleman had a nine yard touchdown. But I think part of being a professional athlete whatever the season is. And in this case we're talking about football. Of course, is you have to recognize that it's a marathon not a sprint. And so you don't need. To win the championship in your first week. What you're trying to do is get out there gauge where you are coming out of the preseason what we need to work on now that we're facing real competition in games that matter, and it's a process of getting better to the point where you hope you're playing your best football. And you figure it out the ways to attack each challenge by the time, you get to December, and then on into January, and I say this all the time you do not win a championship in your first month. But in addition to that no team steps all the field. Ready to win a championship in the first month. No team that actually wins the title finishes in the same place that it starts its journey. You have to move over. The course of a season you have to progress you have to get better to make adjustments over the course of a season. But one of the things about a mature team, especially one that has been able to win a title is that they recognize there's no need to overreact to every little play. Every little snap. Every little flag. What goes right? What goes wrong because there's such a long way to go continue keep working one time this game's not easy one in the NFL is not easy, especially against team like Atlanta. So no one freak out everyone. Take it easy. Like, we keep looking at the pictures. We keep talking about the plays. We go out there. And we actually here we stay home in the huddle in the guys did a great job all night or staying calm in the huddle just continue to work when when we get behind the changes continue to work, and you know, it was a dogfight all night or defense did a great job when Atlanta gone the red zone really helped us out and is a really great team win. And that is certainly the case. The defense bailed out the offense multiple times. Like it did in the playoffs the year ago, and he didn't have the flash so much from the offense other than j. But to have those two goal line stands one at the beginning of the game. One at the end of the game to keep the falcons one of five in the red zone. That was critical. That was the reason why the eagles were able to pull out an eighteen to twelve victory. All right. So coming up we'll give you the latest on Carson Wentz. And now here come the phone calls, which is awesome. I'm glad to talk football with you eight five five two one two four two two seven your calls..

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