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Thirtieth and ending on October thirty first in addition the association is pushing for a hundred million dollars in pro rated salary deferrals if a post season is not played this year giving players the right to opt out of the season this comes as some owners are perfectly willing to cancel the twenty twenty season to save money in Bristol Tennessee Brad Keselowski and seizing opportunity after winning the food city five hundred at Bristol because Lossky moved into first after chase Elliott and Joni Lugano drove each other in the wall with a few laps remaining it's the second Sunday in a row Keselowski has one after taking last week's coca Cola six hundred at Charlotte Clint Boyer took second while Jimmy Johnson finished third that's sports some separate his radio time is two thirty our top story a man facing numerous charges accused of striking free Denver police officers with his car on Saturday night police say thirty seven year old Anthony Knapp was taken into custody Sunday afternoon he's facing several first degree assault and attempted first degree assault charges after police say he drove his car toward a group of officers that were working there sixteenth Avenue and Logan street Saturday night during the protests three officers were struck and injured with one suffering a fractured leg police said they located the suspect's vehicle on Sunday Chad Bauer K. away news radio the president lashing out at America's governors today during a video conference call about the violence throughout the country with protests of justice for George Floyd turning to violence you're still running governor Jerry Polish participated on that call one hundred seventy people were arrested yesterday in Denver during the demonstrations two hundred eighty four people have been arrested over the last four days Denver's mayor Michael Hancock is extending Denver city wide curfew for the next four nights the curfew will now be from nine PM until five AM for tonight as well as Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday nights a statement a rather an independent medical examiner says the matter of George Floyd's death is homicide forensic pathologist Dr Lisa Wilson says their findings differ from the first autopsy which was done by the medical examiner some of the information I read from that complaint state that there was no evidence of traumatic asphyxia this is the point in which we do disagree a statement from family attorney Benjamin Krupp says doctors found pressure to Floyd's neck and back led to his death Crump other attorneys on the case and Floyd's family one officers at the scene to be charged with first degree murder and now you can get from the Denver metro area to aspen over independence pass highway eighty two is open for the season our next news updates at three o'clock I'm Susan would get on Keighley news radio a fifty AM and ninety four one FM Morgan a new problem north of downtown on northbound I. twenty five fifty eight already back at these up into downtown also north bound trying to get it down to the south side back up six or fax was bound to seventy so across commerce usual spot there go back to Vazquez off a highway crash northbound Parker a Yale instill those delays in the high country been a tough drive west of Idaho springs today both directions between Idaho springs and empire those delays.

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