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So what this does is. It produces at least three locations. It's the the bench. The dead letterbox itself and lamppost allows you to check and double check and triple check that. The coast is clear before during and after the drop this takes a lot of time. but it's virtually foolproof. Is very unlikely that you would have been followed to all three locations without noticing lead been followed and of course if necessary you can add further steps along the chain depending on how secret document might be. I really like these gardens. The bench was definitely used by the kgb. We have this from people who've been captured or been naturalized likely vinko wants to become british citizen literal. We will now leave the gardens back towards south street in the west seal their past the mayfair library and take a left onto south street and the lamppost is harder to find now. It's outside number. Two orderly square or the square is not a square and it's been boarded up for some years. Because there's a massive redevelopment project going on behind some body areas but is next to the women's social club fe famously. One of the few social clubs exclusively for women and you should find it fairly easily bought. This is one that. It's very hard to describe so take a look on google maps. Women get lamppost again. There would be a chalk mark in blue or white just above head height and somebody would walk past brush past mark the lump host and there was a figure of eight on the lump person it would be just below there then later on. The chalk is removed. It's checked triple checked. And then they go back can remove the mark from the bench and that recess the system so this was laborious. it was difficult but it was virtually foolproof. Typically the paperwork would have been stolen from one of the many embassies in this area. There are very many in mayfair. Park lane curzon street. Even today and the perhaps we're even more back then so it was very easy to steal a document mark the lump postmark the bench take it to the dead letter. Drop lever there for cultivars check his gun and then back to work after lunch or in the next morning so in this. First part of the mayfair cold walk we started in grosvenor square gardens. We saw the old american embassy. We saw purdis gun shop and we saw mount street gardens and the lamp post on south..

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