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That's he's my the week. If i didn't pick who i picked. I would probably pick tim and you're going to be pissed. You're going to be mad me. 'cause i'm bit of a homer but i'm picking the long island. Faithful as my steve's of the week out to you guys man the arena pumpkin. You've thrilled this entire team. You got everybody riled up Everything have bruce kassian the media of him calling the saints you guys literally brought. Trombones out to fucking leader marching band. I for tailgate I know probably a cheap one. You know cheap. Pick but dude. I'm thrilled on pump for watching these games and honestly a big part of it is family. Feel behind it roast me. Now if you want. I mean you said long island faithful. I thought you were gonna say kyle palmieri smithtown born true true woody. I hit a goal. Nate he's scored a few goals. He had a beautiful global with yes. So beano it. Yeah shouts islanders fans They've been killing it lately. So i'm not mad. Have and if you are an island or fan or canucks man or fan in general or if you like and got this far to us please go ahead. Follow us on instagram. Follow us on twitter. We're going to try and be as activists that we had a really great week on instagram. I'd say and you know we love guinness conversation going so Yeah go follow us. Let's talk that's about all. I got to say here anything. You want to say. Justin no i gotta say any follow us at the clapper report on Especially t. h. e. c. l. a. p. p. e. r. r. e. p. r. t. slide in our dm's..

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