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On our news, 92 3 FM and the news Thanks so much for being here it is. It's Mike Groom had show way. Appreciate you being with us homos problem in Arizona is growing and it we have grown in the city of Phoenix in homelessness in a while, and there are a lot of groups to do a great job. You've heard me talk about them before. Because other major cities it's seen a lot more in Phoenix. It's kind of in an area of downtown In 500. People sleep every night in sleeping bags, tents, makeshift tarp shelters on the streets around human services campus in south of downtown Phoenix. And that's cast. That's this campus. That's downtown. But what covert 19 has done is this homeless People used to be able to go into a respite centre during the day and get out of the heat. They can't because of covert 19. They had to stay outside in the shade. Sleeping conditions used to be. They were packed together well because of covert 19. They put up chains and they made it harder so that people would distance and so the homeless camps are now spread out in a bigger area. People are distanced more And the reason why I'm bringing this up is specifically about covert 19, but about the problem of homelessness that is about to come to us. And I think we're going to start seeing more and more people, unexpected people becoming homeless, at least for a short time because of what covert 19 has done to our economy. We have put a moratorium on evictions. But that's not going to last forever. And although some people be able to cut deals with landlords and get their jobs back and climb out of that hole, we understand statistically, there will be people. That right now have homes that will not in the future, And it's going to make this problem even worse. So the story that I get this from is from a part of downtown where the business is say, you know, we've been We have been apart of this forever and really, the city isn't doing a whole lot about it. I don't think that it's a municipal problem. Um And I don't think, um, I think it's done by the private sector in a better way. I've been down to cast I I've mentioned before I friend Marty. It circled the city and what they're doing The great work they do, Andi just it's it's all privately funded, I would say, mostly privately funded. And to see the different holes that they fill when it comes to homeless people is remarkable and they deserve our attention and our support. I've told this story before that I had a cousin who was my hero. When we were little kids. He was the older brother. I didn't have. We spent summers together and and we grew up together until I moved to Florida when I was very young when we stayed in touch. When his mother died When he was in high school, he went down the road of drugs and alcohol, and he drowned his sorrows that way and became homeless lived in Vegas, where my his oldest sister, My oldest cousin lived, and when I would go in visit, I would always find him. He always knew I was coming and we would hang out. And he looked like a typical homeless person, but not not to me. He was just my cousin. And That for me became the face of homelessness. My cousin died in a homeless camp in Vegas. Whether it was an overdose or a seizure. He died. And so when I see the face of a homeless person, I know there's a story and there are people that love them, and now my cousin was homeless by his own devices. He caused the problem. He didn't want to fix the problem. He wanted to stay on the streets. But there are many people out there that want and need the help that we can give them. We're going to see families on the street. We're going to see more and more people looking for shelter and they're not going to find it. This is not a problem. It's going to go. That's going to go away without the help of people like you and me. And if you think it doesn't affect you, it does And it will. And until someone in your life touches you that's homeless until someone you know is without a home. You may be human. It may not be a problem that moves you. But there are people out there in the private sector that are working very hard to solve parts of these problems. Then there's ways we can help the three things we offer. The world is money, talent in time, and those three things we have the different degrees at different times in our life. And if you're involved in a cause that you believe in, I think that's awesome. If you're looking for girl Group of people to get involved with these organisations, whether it's ST Vincent de Paul Circle the city they're giving masks to homeless people. When homeless people are Covad 19 positive. They're testing them. They're putting them places that are separated, whether their pods or sometimes these old hotels where they're giving them rooms so that the Koven 19 problem. Would spread like wildfire throughout the homeless community. These organizations are making sure that doesn't happen. They're getting some basic medical care. They give them hygiene kits so they can have the basics of toothbrushes and toothpaste and a mask. And there's a lot of work that's happening to make sure that society isn't spreading covert 19 through the homeless community and at the same time trying to fill their daily needs of just nourishment in water. And maybe cure the problem for those that are looking, and many of these groups are doing a great job off, making sure that they can get off the streets. Whatever their issues are, whether it's a money or a legal problem that keeps him from getting a driver's license, a transportation issue a drug issue or a mental health issue, helping these people overcome these basic problems and then getting them back. Into a home and back into the mainstream of society. That's something that I want to be a part of, But I bring it up because in the coming months when covert 19 is over in the moratorium on evictions end we're going to see more and more people face homelessness. And it's going to be people just like you and me. And we could help stave that problem off right now. If we get involved find an organization that's fighting it and get involved. Nancy Pelosi unloads on the media coming up after the next hour. We're going to talk about her unloading and what she said in wide. Trading wealth is in place for you and your retirement, and they got advice for you. If you've been separated from a job for whatever reason during covert 19, and you still have money with a former employer in there for a one care retirement account, get control of those dollars. You want to have control of those dollars because if they close or sell your money could be tied up for a long time without your control. And then trading wealth is going to help you stay on track for retirement. What's great about this? Is there going to help you make sure that you're navigating the good times. You're prepared for the times that we were unexpected, and when it's time for you to retire, you have.

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