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Large Recode. You may know me as the person who just taught thousands of people that Cisco is named after San Francisco. But in my spare time, I talked tech and you're listening to Rico decode from the vox media podcast network today in the red chair, someone I've known very long time, John Chambers, the former CEO and chairman of Cisco. He worked there for twenty six years stepping down as executive chairman just last year in two thousand seventeen. He's also the author of a new book called connecting the dots leadership lessons in a startup world. John welcome to Recode deco curious, supplies should be with you again. Thank you. You've been on stage with me at all things. D I think was when we were doing that and many times voice would be free free. Right. That's right. That ten years ago. Is that right? So let's talk a little bit about what year. Let's give your background for people who don't know you. You ran Cisco, which was one of the most important companies. I think we met during AOL days member when they had that outage and blamed it on your. Yes, blamed it on Cisco will. It's like any outage union. A company can do with their mistakes and step up to it, and we sold the problems. And oddly enough, the customers who support you the best are usually the ones that have had problems that you work through. So great partner out because we talked for my book on AOL just talk about. We were at Cisco for twenty six years. Talking about that for people who don't understand what that was real. It was Russia was going to give you just a little bit of background in total west sorted straight out of school after about nine and a half years in college, a slow learner, if you will, went to abbey 'em, saw saw the mainframe air, and then as mainframes gave way too many computers, I was weighing laboratories, and then as many hit and went to PC's and the internet, I went to Cisco. So I've had the chance to see all the major technology trends and then going into today's.

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