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And that's embraceable. And I think that's why that character work is that he he would go and he would kill someone. And then he'd go home, and he'd have to deal with his sons homework or tardiness wife is complaining he was just the guy dealing with the stuff that we all deal with and and you go I I know what that guy's dealing with. But Walter white didn't go to a therapist and breaking band. No. He didn't have he didn't have time. He had the clock was ticking. Yeah. On Walter whites. Do you think about that was that ever broached in the in the script that he would actually be confessing to somebody? I think I think Vince Gilligan did consider something like that. But it seemed it seemed to slow down the pace and the tempo of what he was trying to do. And as you notice as the seasons went on it it quickened we lost some of the humor of the earlier seasons. When things got more tense and desperate and naturally the humor falls away because it's too. Horrific to to witness. So we also brought up sex in the city came out before the sopranos and say here's HBO with sex in the city, which was that was different. Yeah. I go back to hillstreet blues as maybe a TV show that kind of and you were on an episode of hillstreet blues, weren't you? I was I played Dennis Francis. Lawyer. I I was I was I don't know twenty eight years old I play his lawyer. I would they're hiring me for the lawyer. Really? I was surprised but they did. And yet that was a ground-breaking show, Steven Bochco and wonderful wonderful work, and I went onto four different productions of Stephen Botka, botch goes because his you did LA law. I did an episode of LA law, and then I had two experiences that weren't so good on on his shows. One was called Brooklyn south. Where I was hired to play an internal affairs cop. Yeah. And I never got a script. It was just sides in those days, my fax machine at night was rolling off. And you had to cut the paper in between remember that? And I would have reams of dialogue, and I'm working at six thirty tomorrow morning, and just blocks and blocks of dialogue and names and events, and I'm going I know what I'm saying. And so I just had a pounding headache throughout the entire eight days. It was terrible. Could you have handled success that you've had now when you're twenty eight years old? I don't I don't know. I mean when I was twenty five I moved to New York to be on a soap opera, so in a small dose. I had like oh look at that. I'm working as an actor and dating models from the Ford agency and things like that. It would really fantastic really. Yeah. Let's talk about that. Oh, it was. It was a good time. This is the roaring eighties. Man. I eighty three eighty four if you ever go to studio fifty four. Yeah. How'd you do? I. What did you do? You just go, and you dance, and you and you meet some people and you're going back room, and you have some fun. And did you have any famous friends back then? No, I I was I didn't know anybody. And I was really young. And I still don't know to this day who anybody is. You know, it's like way. Really? I really don't. I know you. Yeah. You guys that adds. I know these guys who who's your famous friends now. Tom Hanks is a friend, and he's is a big, but only because our wives of known each other for forty years for maybe longer. It's an so that's how I got to know him. And he's yet as Tom Hanks ever made you mad now is he is he capable of making you mad. I think if he did something despicable..

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