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Much for joining us and we've got some great topics to kick us off with this first edition of Bach's is Para Daca quest while make sense for Reynaud and what happens next Holmberg change about the two thousand nine hundred ninety one rules so let's dive straight in with the Roberto and he really didn't need that he needed to put his leadership status on that weekend it was expecting a difficult second part of the season but at the same time after the Racing Mon so all the all the people were still kickabout lab difficult moment for the team I think was likely effect the TV in fifteen years ago and I was really surprised because these affect happens because speak to colleagues working across the Media Lake keep the numbers of well up on formula had for a long long time John Looking at it more broadly across the Formula One paddock we've talked for a long time about L. D. last year he had weaknesses especially putting together these key three laps going the sex times disrupt on team orders we send it'd be very hard of himself on the radio we city make he did on the day that his team-mate had a complete nightmare a so yes he showed he wanted it as well didn't he really is elbows out particularly with Hamilton. I think we're just in the trickier informal now is we've we've had this constant bouncing around between inside the not getting punished I think it's very very hard thing to find a proper way forward mice impressive about Charles is that you know this this aggressive driving we saw in monster and wheels you want us to track he felt that was unfair that he lost out that day so he's responded the weakness says Roy I have to do better he works arts and he delivers fantastic because he was out the front most of the time but Charles the clerk who was in the Midfield Casper rich bring you in here a- all these grown praise is he becoming established bogeyman then in the Dutch is I don't Eddie moment everyone's looking at Lewis and watching out for a battle just like Esteban loose and I think everyone is looking forward to that that that all in the coming line in the last season and a half now what's do you sense for Aria Ah losing faith time on the line in the we decided that Boston was the first tair child ceased when he did only only one season beckoned for awhile so everybody expected the stock to deem Bahrain everybody remembers that the end it was Sebastian that lost the victory for Ferrari so it was completely opposite the big prize for for that situation probably unity best Lupino the end Easter break starting the circumstances that the end so if we will do next race another mistake like a monster it enough for the for the.

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