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Steve dresner in the WTO P traffic center Once again headlights on plays wipers out for safety do back down on your speeds we are seeing in Maryland Montgomery county along the two 70 corridor some of that heavy rain moving back into the area and also near their Virginia over the American legion bridge in a Montgomery county with the slowdowns We're going to start in Montgomery county Two 70 and I three 70 on northbound main line were still dealing with kranj activity Well traffic moving a bit better we have a couple lanes open stay to the left to get by and it looks like now over on the local lanes We do have at least one lane open on the local lanes northbound again to 70 and I three 70 But still because of the heavy precipitation it's one long line of delays basically in both directions from Rudy and urbana all the way down to the lane divide Capitol bellway in Montgomery county actually traveling a bit slow but it is a steady movement same goes for prince George's counting and currently northbound on the BW Parkway still slow traffic approaching the bellway crash activity has been moved off to the right shoulder Chesapeake Bay bridge westbound route 50 were down to a three and a half mile delay to get you to the westbound span three lanes are open westbound no delays at sandy point with two lanes open on the eastbound side Need extra cash rest in limo is hiring full and part time CDL drivers Full-time CDL charter drivers receive a $5000 bonus Call or text one 8 three three limo jobs Steve dresner WTO traffic Now storm team four meteorologist Steve prince of alley We are tracking dangerous thunderstorms rolling in from the west hence a severe thunderstorm watch until.

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