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And you're for an Andy Dalton being in Carolina. That's what you're referring to that there's somebody that's there is a veteran. No, I'm saying a coach. Like a veteran play caller. Like Frank Reagan. Like, Frank Wright. He's developed quarterbacks. He's had a young quarterbacks, right? Bobby Sloan could first year offensive coordinator Houston. This is going to be his first time being an offensive coordinator. And if they decide to draft a quarterback with that second pick, it'll be his first time with a young quarterback. There is a difference in terms of what that play caller can do when he knows I have a guy that has that experience. Well, the idea that Frank Reich is in Carolina and you take a look at the guys that he's had to develop. Absolutely. And you could even include himself in that process. I mean, you just see the photographs of him dapping up all the guys that he is pulling through the paces and been through and all the pro days and you've seen him at those. He's eye to eye with CJ Stroud and clearly he's not with Bryce young. That he likes big guys and that's why CJ Stroud might be the choice of the Carolina Panthers. Did you get that sense at all? You know what? It's been interesting to have conversations because there's people in that building that I know really well. Josh mccown was a teammate of mine in Miami. We've stayed in touch the whole time. He actually his kids come and train with us when we're in Texas. And so he's a guy that like, you know, I talk very openly to because whatever quarterback goes to Carolina, I want it to be the right fit for both. I want it to be the right fit for Carolina and the right fit for that quarterback. And I know they like both guys. I know that they have things with both guys that they see that they like that captures their imagination. Hey, here's what we can do with this guy. Here's what we like with this guy. CJ's a big body guy, big, thick, strong legs, athletic for his build. I know they like that because when you got to play 17 games and you're getting hit as a quarterback size can help. I mean, I take one of the guys that I work with a lot, dak Prescott. He's as built as in shape as muscular as they come. That's 17 game season plus playoffs. That's still a beating on his body. Yes. Well, when you start thinking about, all right, now we're going to insert a young guy. He's going to make some mistakes. He's going to take some probably unnecessary hits just because he doesn't have the experience of the pro game yet. How's his body going to hold up through that course of a season? And that can impact the decision. 3D QB quarterback instructor John Beck is here and the rich eisen show as part of the first from the combine to the draft sponsored by noble right here on the rich eisen show and noble was all over the NFL scouting combine that I saw John at right here now however in Los Angeles studios of the rich eisen show. Let's talk CJ Stroud now. When was the first time you met him? Was he also 14? 14. His was a high school. At a Rancho Cucamonga, started coming down as he was kind of making that transition from high school to college. And then he's come out a handful of times each year at like while he was out of House state. Okay. Ohio, oh, you mean the Ohio State. I'm sorry, I'm confused. I should have said the that's okay. Because, you know, the confused that we could have been. Is there like a Buckeye in here? Is that why that happened? Is that? No. That's a Wolverine here. Oh, we have a Buckeye in the back. Yeah, those Buckeye stuff everywhere because for a while, I was writing checks that got cashed against me around here, but as you know, the last couple of years. Those checks have been returned to center. You know what I'm saying? Abilities. We mentioned, I guess, young's of his many talents, his football intelligence, Stroud, I'm sure has a significant one as well. What are his strengths that could make him the first overall pick in this year's draft? Do you think I love from a physical standpoint? I love the snappy whips of his arm. You want to talk a guy that can make throws effortlessly down the field. He has a way in small space, the way that he delivers the ball and it's just with such amazing accuracy down the field to me. I'm going to look at vertical game. I'm going to look at deep crosses. I'm going to look at, you know, throws to the sideline at depth, like I've played past. I kind of look back at some of the nerve Turner vertical passing game that still in the NFL, like that Philip Rivers thrived in. Like I kind of really like that type stuff for CJ. The other thing I love about him is his competitiveness, whether it's on the football field, whether it's playing basketball, you can just tell the dude loves to compete, especially on the big stage. Like, here's a guy that came into Ohio State, played in big games, has really thrived played in playoff games, had arguably his best game against Georgia. He was incredible. Incredible. And I love when I see the guys play big and big games. You know, and it's not forced. It's just it's who they are. When they play their natural game, it shows up in big games that they play well. And I feel like CJ does that. And look, and I know it's not game conditions because they're not wearing pads and there's no defense. But the combine's a pretty big stage. He was so great. At the scouting combine. And effortless, it looked effortless when the ball came out of his hands and he put it wherever he damn well wanted to. He was spectacular and that kind of with young who didn't throw at the combine. It flipped a script, obviously the script doesn't matter until we hear a name on the first night of the NFL Draft. So I'm going to put you on the spot if you don't mind. It's not like you've not been there before. Do you think the Panthers traded up for somebody specifically? And they're just kicking tires on it between now and then what do you think they knew who they were trading up to one to go get John? I think they knew the type of player and that had to fit the for us to move up for Carolina to move up. There had to be that that player fit. I think that they consider that both fit that player. I don't think it was a move to get specifically Bryce in that moment or CJ in that moment. And I'm saying this just because of like talks that I had leading up to it. Was about both guys, I'm sorry, hit the mic right there for you. It was about both guys. Yes. So I think what their comfort was was we can make this now. We can go up and then we can make a decision. Like, I don't know if they've even made their decision yet. Like maybe they have, maybe they haven't, but I think when the trade was made to go up there, it was we consider that both of these guys can be that guy that we want to go get. Now let's do our due diligence. Let's take our time. Let's uncover every stone we can, and then let's go get the guy that we feel is not only like maybe their number one guy, but the guy that's going to fit what we want to do best. Well, I believe you completely, not like I said. It's not like I think you're giving me a line. But I believe with the notion that they traded up for knowing that both guys would be just fine. And maybe they'd be one. Maybe like, well, we know one, let's go find out about the other, but either way, now we can pick between the two because correct because Jim Moore senior told me so many times that they were grinding tape on Peyton Manning and Ryan leaf till the very last second. And I'm

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