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Newburgh Beacon Bridge, Matt Rinde, Times Square discussed on Vickie Allen and Levon Putney


In the Newburgh beacon bridge both of speed restrictions as a result of the weather and there are some delays in the queen's down a and queens bound J. trains because of signal malfunctions on extravagant date in less than ten minutes on WCBS now our forecast for our new year's day in eve here's meteorologist Matt Rinde where the early morning hours every mostly cloudy and breezy with temperatures steady or slowly rising then later today breezy with clouds and some sunny breaks Carolina shower later in the afternoon and evening high up to forty nine for new year's eve in Times Square it'll be breezy and chilly with temps in the low forties wind chills in the low thirties otherwise choose a night breezy clearing load on the thirty four for Wednesday new year's day of intervals of clouds and some of the high of forty three cinemagic gloves on Thursday with a high of forty seven miler on Friday was a rain I fifty two clouds is the sun on Saturday hi fifty four right now thirty seven degrees cloudy skies WCBS news time one fifty as we say goodbye to twenty nineteen we're looking back at some of the big stories from the past year each Monday reporter Shawn Adams introduces us to difference makers in our community and our main street series John sat with us for eight eighty indepth podcast this week number one I want to start with the young man who really just he's got a he's got it he just says something special his name's Brian Yeager from Hastings on Hudson he's a hockey player and he's a young man with a big heart his aunt who was a first grade teacher then the edge month school district she died about four years ago from cancer and it really left a hole in the family and it was a tough time and Brian came up with an idea he wanted to do something to honor her and then also help other people the same time so this is a little snippet of of Brian Yeager from a few months back when my aunt passed away in two thousand fifteen it kind of left a hole in the family can hockey as well as her have been a big part of my life so what he did he started a charity he calls it stick up to cancer he goes around he collects used hockey sticks he distributes them to underserved communities where kids might not have enough money to get beer so that's one aspect the other aspect is his parents said well if you do that will donate money for every stick and will create a fund the Marla fund for his on Marlon pace in one's inner and that that.

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