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He was in this prison because he was framed for committing a massacre and they they made a fake video that showed him killing people in in what else can we watched it you said a system plausible how could you ever do that and then when I was watching your Ted talk I had a flashback to that movie well because as absurd as it was in the eighties and the nineties it's actually happening we've already seen politicians videos being manipulated we decide not to long ago with the speaker house and that was an easy manipulation and even if you did have a super good way of detecting these things is it's going to take time and the specially with the internet now and everything and if a video like that goes out and it has a day or two to run around the world unmolested if you come out later and say Ono was a fake video people who've done already and they've the damage is done it's hopefully people have this nice dose of skepticism whenever they look at something and say worse the source is this really what happened think that's key because it's going to be really really hard to stop let's start rebel he's a computer graphics researcher with the digital domain you can see Doug's full talk at Ted dot com thanks for listening to our show about digital manipulation this week one find out more about who was on it Chris had died in PR dot org and see hundreds more Ted talks check out ten dot com or the Ted app our production staff at NPR includes Jeff Rogers Santa's Michigan four eva grant Casey Herman Rachel Faulkner de the motor Shyam James Taylor who C. J. C. Howard with help from Daniel she can and Brent Bachman our intern is Emmanuel Johnson our partners at Ted Chris Henderson calling Helms and a few in and gently I'm guy rise.

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