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And the i also think about set points on book about that next and people have set points for happiness that he got the question by set point for like we we have a mother hewlett our brains it has been a cold demise and i talk about the book a lot and how do your brain flooded by this little school the bliss molecule it ducks with the same receptors anyone synapses as thc the main ingredient in marijuana so you literally if you if you do these things you start to feel these ways of bliss in your brain this brain we have to have this brain and he starts at signed good and people you find happiness in your life you find humans rations and suddenly that becomes your mindset and then that becomes a reality around us well east of the rockies dan's in dalton georgia welcome to the program daniel go ahead that's the church have you ever heard of the christian science church teachings of mind over matter i had that yes are you familiar with the founder mayor mary becker yes okay can you talk about what's your opinion on us and how does that differ from and i actually thought he was the phrase mind over matter in the book because the title is mind to matter and the mind over matter to me implies you're trying to control things whereas in the book mein to matter i talk more about surrendering surrendering to the the great cosmic consciousness and then aligning yourself with that and then being part of that there's a whole new regicide school emergency and it is the science of how that that that that describes how birds in some experiments they observed four million starlings in a flock all all flying in perfect synchrony how do they do that schools a fish living the seasons there's such a nature that just just is coordinated in the suicides of emergence and this is an emergent phenomenon that actually affects the world around us as well and so the book rather than saying mind over matter i'm saying mine to matter and as you become an ally and up on that's huge emergency cycle of consciousness.

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