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Also, and we will come up with strategies to make sure there are available sources of power in energy so that things like this do not happen again. Just to kind of dovetail behind what we were talking about last segment with all the schools. There are thousands of school districts that had to close today. That means I'm thousands. That world That means there were thousands of were open right. But they had to close because of the weather in these last couple of days, National Weather Service Office in Wilmington, North Carolina, sending out a team to survey the damage from that tornado that you were talking about, and confirm that In fact, there was a tornado that touched down. They said it tore through a golf course community, another rural area just before midnight, destroying dozens of homes. The sky lit up, according to share invents, and she's 63, she says. The sky lit up and there was a lot of pop, pop popping and loud thunder. And then it sounded like a train a freight train coming through the roar of a freight train. That's when all the damage occurred. She says her roof was damaged. The garage door was blown off. Windows were shattered. Nearby trees were uprooted, just terrifying. A Z. You can imagine the vaccine rollout that is going on around the country has been impacted by this. In Houston, For example, there was a scramble to get more than 8000 doses of the Madonna Madonna version of vaccine into People's arms. The public health facility in Harris County lost power at about one in the morning yesterday. And the backup generator failed. So they were looking for large groups of people in places where they wouldn't have to drive with appropriate medical personnel on hand. So they took these doses of vaccines to three different hospitals. A 19 year old sophomore waited for nearly four hours with his friends, much of it in the frigid cold, of course, among the last people to get the shots, which If you were waiting normally, and there wasn't a you know a generator problem, they probably would have had to wait until at least next month and more likely to be April before a 19 year old sophomore gets the vaccine. So you're gonna be 70 here on Friday? Oh, my gosh. That's still little that's still little sweatshirt. He whether you want to do the show outside. Friday. Yeah, we'll see my Pete. Are you over That novelty might be cold. You can wade you need to spend time outside. It's the radio steps. That's the new 10,000 steps. All right. Hey, we also have $1000 to give away is how you can win it for your chance at 1000 Bucks. Texas The nationwide keyword cash C. A S h 202 100, You'll get a confirmation texted info. Standard data message rates apply in this nationwide contest That's cash to 200. 200 remember. You've got to pick up the phone. They will be calling from a number You will not recognize. If you don't pick up, they move on with your cash and your sad, very sad..

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