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Random figures. Given by tables prepared by a mathematician, friend of ours. Doctors eater. Oh, yes, I know him appears as they lighted signal through a hole in the screen. And the agents who actually has 47 years old married has four Children lives in a little English basement in a Polish neighborhood. The agent touches the corresponding card with his finger and the recipient. That's our subject makes us get Oh, you see, you'll see how we do. This is like ESPN. By this ingenious experiments turned out to be something I can Institute of war. So like what? Kato the list of words and he wrote what he remembered. Than a concentrated on one of the omitted words and try to Trump's with it mentally 324 trials 154 50% were successful. Now we're going to see if you where you are separated as you are from me by any number of miles and distractions can tell what I'm thinking of. I will tell you the emotional state the conditions. Yeah, I am in a susceptible state. I have just been hit heavily on the head. Buy a garage door and walking in front of me now is a darling little girl. All I'd say about 27 years old. Cute little measurements are 2030 40 name is Miss Coleman. She's prancing up and down. Looks beautiful. Now I want you to tell me what I'm thinking about. You have 30 seconds to write this down on a postcard or a letter and sent it into your nearest station. Don't send it to this station to your nearest station. But my nurse stations in the same state starting now the 60 seconds. No 1 2030 40 long. Fail your wavelengths coming. Time. Yeah, No, no square. E, uh, I used to be a square. I grew up. That was the worst kind of square that you could possibly imagine who would get it squares that I was flat square. Oh, and I might have stayed that way, said one day I fell in love. I fell in love with Ms Cones is beautiful. This year is wonderful. Oh, why'd been out with other girls before he's special? They in their French curves. But Miss Cole was different here. She was so pure, very so simple. So direct in every way. Oh, I love to put her on a pedestal when that's what I said to myself, but I couldn't Yeah, I was a square. Worse. I was a flat square but thinking of her I began to grow in dimension. Yeah, until I became a cube Q. Nice Q Ice Cube cruelest. Then we began to go out together where you go? This cone and I go and I was so proud of her. She's great fondly. I called her pinhead fast that because they're vital measurements were 2030 40 30 40. Oh, Sadness. But what's your real good? Hollywood saw Beautiful. She was, Oh,.

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