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Drama coach Scott to call 805 069028. All right back to the phones. We go, should read a couple of text here. This is A lot of texture, lot of text for you there. Play. Thank you for being much like Rush Limbaugh, says David, a powerful voice for folks like me who try to think about issues from a position of faith and common sense. How nice is that? You don't find that every place anymore, do you? No, but I appreciate the compliment. That's great on your right, Todd. It's just hard to find that the news concerning Fox News what makes you think they give a damn what Republicans think anymore. They're left. His leadership would rather go out of business and switch back to reporting factual news. Well, we'll find out because that's what will happen, but if enough of the people under them that they're still there Are able to get through to them and their own crisis management. That's in place says Hmm. These guys were right. See the crisis management is there in my view for two reasons. One the ratings Plummet but also the Coinciding drop in revenue. Can Fox News has been a cash cow? It's been like, unbelievable. You wanna become a third banana to CNN and MSNBC, or do you wanna be a cash cow? Which do you want to be? So I think there's a chance they fix it. But you probably have a few less board members or something. I don't know. Um Scott, We're having our Thanksgiving We picked up the turkey cranberry sauce, the ingredients for the stuffing and pie ingredients and then money order for bail bond money. We're set. Oh, God, All the turkey and fictions. Also the money order for the bill button button didn't realize some of my family is listening to this show today. That's good to hear. Yeah. Fuck. The Legislature is gonna be gathering to straighten out the governor's moves. Get one of them on People require this to be lifted immediately going to be getting together. What if they know some news? We don't Suggested we get hold of down shy blade on the education Committee. I believe he's But on the ND H s a two People who require this to be lifted immediately. High Good. Don't do a little checking. I've hurt a few rumbles about legislators that are upset and potential. Special sessions. I think they have four days left. They could use text me says as a middle of the road guy. I can't listen to your far right wing antics. I prided myself on being able to listen to both sides, but have to quit tuning in when you're on. Nothing American about what you're saying. Okay, Wait a minute, that that means. You know what That means. That means here exactly where you should be. Because now you are on both sides the road too far. So If have foreseen. You're too far right? And after singing too far left and She moved too far. Interestingly enough. I see on Friday that the same person texted the only guy more partisan than this clown is Mitch McConnell. So generally, if you think Mitch McConnell Is a clown. Right and far, right Wing. You're you're not middle of the road, but you know, some people put themselves when they put themselves but that's okay. I appreciate the feedback right on Scott. Next, you'll be telling us what toilet paper to use. We'll get ready for it. Could become only that, but how to put the role in? Yeah, okay, I better go back to some calls here Lot of Texas where we've them as we go throughout the program, Farley's on the road with Sonny Mind Take it away. Yeah, I wanted elaborate a little bit about that incident I was dealt with in Frenchtown, Montana, where I had the police called on me because I wasn't wearing a mask. Uh, the guy told me that they reserve the right To refuse service to anyone. He didn't care that I had a medical exemption that threatened me that I was gonna have to pay everybody's wages because they're going to shut him down. Go out the track. I'm trying to make the short story here. I go out to the truck and I called 911 myself. I said, I'm sitting in the track. I'm waiting for you the clip show up because I just want you to The seas of video where I have recorded everything that happened me in this store. And they finally took me off hold and they got back. You should go ahead and head down. The road of police might be calling you. The more I got. Think about it. I called the local board of health there and greater module area and ask them. How it is this guy? I can refuse service to me. And, uh, she said, you can't. The governor gives you an exemption for mask mandates. And I said, Well, somebody ought to call that storm straighten him out. You said you'd have to file a special complaint with them. So I called the number. I left the matches. The next day I get a call from the Board of Health in Missoula area, And this girl tells me that the governor also allows East County or each area to do whatever they think is right. Without regard to his directive, And so if they say no matter what, whether you got a medical exemption or not, just you just can't be in public places. It's out of math, and I thought that was incredible. I talked to my buddy who was used to work for the Board of Health, the northern Idaho. He's saying that those decisions like that Don't come from any medical opinion, and I believe he said that it was the county commissioner That makes those decision and I could be wrong..

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