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A ben rothlisberger in tonio brown the three biggest stars the triumvirate of that city and that team are all sort of expressing displeasure whether that's what their contract and holding out whether it's whether they wanna keep playing or not and why is that why why is that the way things are in pittsburgh right now it's obviously a story will continue to follow an tonio brown's comments we'll see now how he reacts to the reaction to these right that's the next door sarah spain and sean farnum with you and jim carey wants said we'll close with this i think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer and of course there's always the careful what you wish for you just might get it coming up updating a few stories from yesterday including one that kept me up half the night but ended well thankfully next on spain bits on espn radio spain and fitz spain on espn radio the spn app and sirius xm channel eighty sarah spain and sean farnum tonight sean with me for the week with fits hanging out with golic and wingo thirty for thirty podcasts have return subscribe to thirty for thirty podcasts right now in the listen tab of the espn app or on apple podcasts brought to you by ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire try it for free by going to ziprecruiter dot com slash thirty so a couple of things we were talking about last night have been updated the most important of course being the trash panda the mpr raccoon that climbed all the way up twenty three flights of a building and then around one am twelve thirty last night started to climb back down and people were watching all day as this raccoon made its way up the side of a giant building in downtown saint paul wondering if the raccoon would be okay as it alternated between napping and window sills and slowly climbing up the rounded curved side of this huge building hoping that he would which turns out to be a she raccoon would make it to the top of the roof but around one am the raccoon turned backwards and started climbing down made it down to the seventeenth floor everybody was concerned about the raccoon.

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