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House is opening a new trump related investigation probing the Justice Department going after the records of Democrats and journalists in the search for the source of leaks during the Trump Russia probe. America's listening to Fox News 93 w Y PC mobile news on the level on the goal going after the NFL skies are clear and at 61 degrees on Monument Circle. I'm John Herrick. Here's what's trending at 602. A lawsuit against the NFL says the league purposely defamed Indianapolis Police officer Did Your Mercer Chris Davis reports they included Dr John Reed is a victim. Police misconduct in their social justice campaign last year, Attorney Guy Relford says When Reid was shot by Mercer last year, it was after a car chase and after Reed shot at officers no charges were ever filed against the officer. There's an obligation there and frankly, there's a legal obligation to get it right and the NFL got it wrong. We think a local jury is gonna have a lot to say about that. Relford on WBC's hammer Nigel. He also hosts a show on the station. The NFL has been contacted for comment. Chris Davis 93 WI BC mobile news bankruptcy for the Ohio based owner of a dozen malls and shopping centers across Indiana, the Washington prime group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection over the weekend. Washington Prime owns the Monte Mall clay terrorists in Carmel, the Markland Mall in Kokomo and University Center in Mishawaka, a teenager on a bicycle injured but not seriously hurt in a hit and run crash in Mooresville, Monday night. Police are looking for the driver. If you need to fill up your gas tank today, Gasbuddy says the statewide average for gas three Oh three a gallon. It's 302 in Indianapolis, Carmel Fishers and Greenwood. Virtual Town Council meetings may have gotten people more involved in their city government on a Wednesday at 10 o'clock in the morning of Border works meeting. Might have attracted the local newspaper writer and one citizen that just happened to be walking by and saw the notice on town hall door. Now people are tuning in. They have a better understanding of what projects are going on in the community. Matt Greller with accelerate Indiana municipalities tells Indy politics He believes those kinds of meetings should stay available. I'm John Herrick on the level on the going on wi VC dot com. It's 604 your traffic and weather next. Hey, The mid Atlantic region is one of the prettiest in the country. And when people here want to enjoy the scenery, they do it on the timber tech deck. Timber tech decks are stunning, sustainable decks backed by massive amounts of technology, and that means they perform better last longer and look more like real wood. Plus, they're backed by warranties of up to 50 years, the best in the industry..

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