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Some of the best coaches and league got some of the best players in the league. We just have to put it together. We played a good team tonight and we beat a good football team. The Broncos improved to four and six on the season. They host the Saints next Sunday. Winter weather is headed our way. The first system will move through Monday night and Tuesday in this system will spread quite a bit heavy snowfall in the mountains, especially down to the southwest. In the San Juans, they'll come away with a foot or two, maybe even more of snowfall box 30 one's Matt Macon says in the Metro area will see a rain snow mix Monday night into Tuesday. Several inches of snow are possible. Some areas, especially to the south could see 3 to 6 inches of snow or more. I'm Chad Bauer on K Away news radio from the bench Friends Sports Traffic Center on Highway You've got emergency crews on the scene of an accident. That's gonna be a question Wolf both or closed. Quincy is Western eastbound closer this time. Have to use an alternate round. No more than one that's scheduled to reopen elsewhere. It's gonna be cones on activity impacting to drive. You still got us six close between 1 1958 until 6 a.m. and you still can use I 70 is your detour Fox 31 pinpoint whether you can expect it to be partly sunny high of 49 today tonight, so I was going to drop down to 32 tomorrow. It's only gonna warm up to 48 with a lower bomb. 30. Currently it's 36. I'm curious on Kaylie news radio life everywhere on the I Heart radio app. This is now cases going off as the pandemic ratings. That thing's over rows of it released them. This is next president. He's pursuing litigation who controls.

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