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He is, yes, absolutely. One of the Individuals involved in a group that's trying to buy the New York Mets. They have cut down the potential buyers. Dough, I think four Who have called unquote made the finals they put in bids big enough to allow them to continue bidding. His group is the one that includes one Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. Mike is theme Ain Money guy in that group kind like Dark eater is the quote unquote, owner of the Florida Marlins Dark Ito has partners that own larger percentages of the Marlins. They put up more money, but Derek is thie figure out of the organization. I'm assuming a ride will be if that's the case. Going forward. But Ra Poli is going to be the main money man, and he's got a shot. Yes, he's a great New York horse racing owner. He's had some phenomenal horses, one that he owned Uncle Mo. I think that was the one who was racing the day that I last got a chance to talk to Mike at Saratoga and Uncle Mo. He's gone on to become an unbelievable Cyrus. Well, he's a darn good wars. He's an even better, sire. Soro police rolling and he's got the dough to potentially by the Mets, but he's not going to give up on his horse racing. That's one of the beauties of owning a professional sports team. You still have some downtime. You can do other things like own horses and run out the aqueduct or Belmonte on days that the Mets are playing important games. John. Good stuff. I gotta run. Gotta get an update in here. Joey. Mac Tang. What? Year on CBS Sports Radio. Steve, Greg hanging out. Get you guys soon as we get back to anybody else. Want to join 852124227 Just that easy. Just quick. I'll get to you after latest CBS Sports update What? Mike McCann Sports flash. Well, the first time since March, the 12th We.

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