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Hey it's producer Deebo here with a bonus episode of the pick. Six podcast. Brinson is off doing the video version of pick six on. Cbs Sports HQ. And if you haven't heard the super friends will be hosting an hour long pre-game show for NFL draft coverage on HQ which you can find of course on CBS sports dot com or through the CBS sports APP on your streaming devices. It's seven PM Eastern on Thursday six eastern on Friday and then eleven am eastern. Things Kickoff on Saturday for this episode. We've been talking about draft prospects for weeks now. We get to talk to them. This episode will feature a collection of six interviews with players that will get drafted at some point on Thursday Friday or Saturday. And you just hear Brenton's voice asking the questions dropped expert Ryan Wilson and kicking expert. John Breach are also a part of this pod that features interviews with Isaiah Simmons Antoine Winfield Junior. Aj Dylan Rodriguez blankenship. Ezra Cleveland and Christian Fulton and a reminder when these guys do get drafted the pick six podcast will have immediate reaction. Pieds in the feed. We start our crop of interviews with the player that will go the highest. It's CLEMSON's defensive. Standout Isaiah Simmons. What's it been like preparing for the NFL draft in what amounts to the weirdest NFL off? Season I can ever recall much as as much as it's been different. I don't really know any better. Just because this is my first time too but It's actually been a little strange just thing that ever from the traditional years but you know just thinking going day by day do you spend time. Do you spend.

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