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All right here is my conversation with my friend. Gloria Gloria Welcome. Finally I can't leave. His Day has com. Welcome to the happy hour. What's up I'm excited to finally be here. We got no drinks. But it's a happy hour. Alright I got coffee from this morning. That's way old. You know so the reason I say. Welcome welcome because we have tried to record with each other for humorous times forever and took over a year and it took a quarantine to get us to record. It took the lockdown for me to finally sit down it took. It took the lockdown down. That is so so true. I am so excited to have you on the happy hour so I asked you before we start recording. How does your last name? Because I've been stressed about it because I don't even have your lesson on phone. I don't ever say your last name. It's like if I don't say that I don't have to mess it up so when I said it to you. You said I did a good job with it but I remember specifically asking you. I remember when I was with you probably at the very first time I was with you. Which would have been at therefore gathering? Right yeah I ask you how to say your last name in. Am I making this up that you you remember? I remember okay so you hear story and then I remember specifically you telling me that you just found out how to say your last name okay. So it's true. I forgot already so all my life. I've been saying you.

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