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I went through it now, they say. I'm immune. I could feel I feel so power of our walking. There are kisses. Everyone president did not wear a mask, and neither did many people in the crowd. Joe Biden is weighing in on the president. If to Florida reckless personal conduct since his diagnosis as well as been unconscionable longer. Donald Trump is president more reckless he get. Biden is addressing speculation he'll try to add more justices to the Supreme Court if he's elected. He tells wkrc TV. He is not a fan of court packing. There's been a setback in the quest for a Corona virus. Preventative. CBS's Matt Piper Johnson and Johnson has had to pause its Coben 19 vaccine. The company says it's due to an unexplained illness in his study participant. Johnson and Johnson says the person's being evaluated by its safety physicians and an outside safety monitoring board. It is the second phase three Corona virus vaccine trial to be paused in the U. S. AstraZeneca's vaccine trial remains paused. While the FDA investigates a man from Nevada has become the first confirmed case of a person in the U. S to be infected with covert twice. A study in the medical journal Lancet says he contracted to different strains of the virus in less than two months. CBS NEWS Medical contributor Dr David Vega says it's a reminder people who have had the virus Need to continue to wear masks to social distancing the same behavior as they did prior to catching the original infection with the virus. Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett, her husband and seven Children all warm asks before Barrett introduced herself on the first day of Senate confirmation hearings. I believe Americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent Supreme Court. That interprets our constitution and laws as they're written. I believe I conserve my country by playing that role. Questioning begins today, two years after her son, the senator lost his battle with cancer. Roberta McCain has died. She was 108 years old. Mrs McCain shared her secret to longevity in an interview with C Span in 2008 going out in California could have something to do with it. 23 glasses of fresh orange juice every day. You're outside constantly. John McCain credited his mom with giving him the will to survive while he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. SNP futures are down. Seven Dow futures off 97. This is CBS News. You can listen to CBS News Radio 24 hours a day, seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com map de loaded today..

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