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All caps certainly was that's how much we need it call three one nashville lead here in the third lucky is brought up by craig smith biala left wing side smith drives to the net that's shopped has sent back to the corner little jab back in the net smith in the trapezoid now fiala goes to the left gordon and smith with his check was on the back of the winnipeg they finally disentangling here comes more on the left side shot stop and the rebound deflected to the corner good alert way thereby kyle turris within tries to poke the puck away and the puck thanks a little bit of a hand pass on the defensive zone by weber is back at centre wrought in raw slavic down the left side his shot rene will hold on pushing and shoving ensues but right away they have cop and matthew perot tied up seven thirty eight gone here in the third breads get in there get that rebound covered up pekka gets rebound he doesn't leave any and you got five jersey standing around pecker that's a good sign that's what you need i think the the jets have figured something out though they're closing down the wingers wings and not an option i usually like to go up to the winger and then hit the weeks idea they they get their d involved through their wingers and the jets have done a good job and taken away those plays jumping those plays before they even have ls off the face off comes up the right side gives it to colton citizens since chips in goes after down on the corner center that one off the goaltender stick comes back to johannesen trying to maneuver around and then a shot goes wide of the net from the left circle taken out and after getting dumped down low colton citizens jets loughlin carries in deep tried to center we then got wiped out on the check my filip forsberg wither goes after four burke predators come back you'll see down the left wing to the corner over on the right wing side persistence reverses buffalo and slows it down you'll start it out for nikolai healers healer's from the left of center in across the nashville line leaned on heavily by watson and now say by say austin watson pokes popped out.

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