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Once we did that and we got channel one aligned and we were hearing good strong Eirik time code coming up. Channel one. We began play more tape and started listening to the other channels to see how they sounded. Right away. We noticed that. There was a lot of cross talk. Or there was some crosswalk but across between channels, but we weren't completely sure. If this cross talk was a problem with the new head, or if it was a part of the original recording trying to understand what you're hearing and troubleshoot that without a baseline understanding of what you should be hearing made it difficult. So we put everything together in the sound Scribner. We started rolling tape and probably took maybe three or four days of Justice because you know, when you just the head it's still mountain actually on these little mechanical fly wheels that you would rotate and the hope is that we would set it to one spot, and then lock it never change it because then it would actually hopefully be in the sweet spot across all thirty tracks. Where the tracks would have been when they ran across the record as right fifty years ago as right, so. So sui made there's a just moments. There was a little bit of reengineering that we had to do here. We found out that in order to kinda minimize all these cables for the readhead. We actually routed all of the wiring through a harness to the to the back of sound scribes routed inside the unit, and then we set up a patch panel on the outside with three different connectors of twenty five pins each where we could kind of get eight to nine exercise ten ten channels off of each connector Annetta loud us, actually, make things cleaners. He wouldn't have all these wires running all over the place. But we didn't realize was that there was some grounding loops that took place on this. So we had to go back and add some additional grounding capabilities on this in order to get the digitizing process done. Well, but after about three or four days where able to. Figure it out my student. I think Greg was also involved in trying to help make sure that that took place, but that was yet another engineering challenge. So wait, let me stop there for a second. This part of the story is much more fun and exciting when Thuan win and Greg Weisman Telit. So let's start with the first day. I was here. So I got a feeling that's going to be different than the other days the first day. So I mean that has came down, and we, you know, we hook system today south grabber, and we have a little bit of issues with the channels bleeding talking from Iraq all the way down to I think eight channels, which is not a good quality of audio. Right. It was bleeding. So it took took about week to get a result. I remember one time I was calling the Hanson from from here. Sending Dallas we have a problem, you know, bite of Histon. We have a solution that we have a problem. So it was a stressful week, right? So trying to figure out what the head is kind of mysterious. Head. So I mean, we try to figure out what's wrong with it. So we started making some recordings, but on issue recordings, and we'll start monitoring it. We noticed that. There was a lot of there was a lot of crosstalk there initially. There was a lot of something didn't sound right. And there was a lot of noise. So that stopped us right there and so- Thuan, and Dr Hanson myself, and we got on the night teleconference with John Franch was who was the the guy that had provided the head..

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