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After nine am in early december sherron. Watkins arrived at enron headquarters. She squeezes past local news. Crews as they set up tripods she takes home to gaze. The various cameras trained on reporters. Standing patiently with their microphones in hand. Ready to go live walking. Shakes her head. She never thought she'd lived to see the day. When the downfall of a corporation would attract the same level of coverage as a natural disaster she and hers and ron's main lobby. She expected a grim scene but nothing could have prepared her for this shell shocked former. Employees had towards the doors in a mass exodus their personal effects piled into cardboard boxes. Any of them have put their boxes on the seats of eight hundred dollar office chairs. They're wheeling out like shopping carts. Men and women weep openly the layoffs have begun walk walking systems. Sure where to go what to do or who to talk to. She's waiting for the elevator. When a man approaches she recognizes him. I can't remember from where as they step into the elevator. He reminds her that. He's one of the company's lawyers now that enron is bankrupt. He says with a smirk. It's lawyers are the only ones with job. Security walk ins wonders. Exactly what that means for her as the doors open to her floor. He tells her not to worry her job safe for another month at least walk ins asks. Why man raises his eyebrows. As if he's just been asked the dumbest question in the world and ron still needs her. He says she'll probably be asked to appear in court as lawsuits against enron begin to land in the coming weeks after all. You're the one who tried to warn. Lay the company was in danger right. You're famous

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