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Off. Hello, welcome to digital leadership with Brandon Cox. This is a podcast where I share some perspective and some encouragement on life leadership and digital marketing. So if you fall into any of those three categories, you're alive, you're a leader or your into digital marketing. And hopefully, if your leader you want to learn about digital marketing, then I think you're gonna enjoy this and get some things out of it. Hope you'll subscribe and pass it along and share it with other people in this inaugural episode as I kind of launched this podcast. I wanna lay a bit of a foundation for the coming weeks. I wanna talk about some things that are killing leadership is really the burden out of which the reason why I'm launching this podcast to begin with is because I I want to speak into the lives of leaders. I believe that leaders are suffering that more than ever before were watching as people of. Influence people who influence their their world or community their church for good are struggling they're failing. They're falling. They're going through hard times, and and quitting and checking out and get knocked out and getting fired and just all kinds of things occurring around us in the leadership world. And I think there's some things that are killing us some some enemies some tactics. Some traps some threats that we need to be aware of and I want to cover those over the next few weeks. I wanna talk about six in particular wanna start off today by talking about a lack of identity, and how that affects us as leaders. Also wanna talk over the coming weeks about burn out about mental health issues about sin and spiritual lethargy and how to get your passion back. I wanna talk about marriage and relationship issues in the life of the leader. And I wanna talk about some limiting beliefs. But I wanna start off today by talking about the issue of identity. How is it that you? You as a leader come to know who you are zig Ziglar guy that I've come to appreciate a lot in the last few years once said and often said that you gotta be before you can do. And you gotta do before you can have what he meant. Was we often define ourselves. We decide whether we're successful not based on what we have. I have possessions. I have prestige have power have a position and the problem with that is you can't have until you do until you do certain things you do something for a living. You take some action. But you shouldn't do until you be until you know, who you are at your core until your identity issue is settled because when your identity issues settled, then you know, what to do. And then you will have the right things a love what zig said, I think he's spot on. Then I wanna just follow that train of thought for a minute and talk about what I think are some wrong. Sources of identity. Annual reports of the largest and fastest growing churches and so forth. And if you don't have a strong sense of identity all that can affect you. By comparison, you start to start to kind of compare your blooper reel to everybody else's highlight reel social media doesn't help. But you know, it's not the problem either. It's it's an identity issue. I think we also route our identity sometimes in our achievements and the danger in that is when my achievements don't stack up enough. I feel a loss of identity or when I walked through failure. I forget who I am. And I m I really am. I really right about this. You know, if all of my achievements, are what prop up my Dimity. I think I'm in trouble. My mom used to work for guy that had what he called an ego wall in his office. And it was a wall that had all of his degrees and certificates and and awards and letters from famous people and all that kind of thing had had it their article. That were written about him because he'd worked on some high profile cases and whatnot. And so whenever he would get down. He look at that wall. And it would remind him of all of his accomplishments. The problem is sometimes what we accomplish we don't necessarily have a lot of visual recognition of, you know, not a lot of certificates and awards for the things that matter the most. And so it's not just it's not just chievements. It's not just comparison. It is it is more than that. I think another source of identity that is unhealthy and wrong. Is that we often identifier selves, according to a tribe. According to the camp that we fall in another words, there's a group guys out there group of fellow peers colleagues, and they all tend to believe certain things, they all tend to say certain things behave in a certain way. And we get worried that if I don't believe or behave or talk. In the same way, as they do if I don't criticize the same people as they do I won't fit in anymore and tribalism is a terrible source of identity because what if the whole tribe is wrong. What if you need to break apart on an issue, you need to have a strong enough identity to go at the end of the day? Their approval is not what drives me so a speech super careful with those false

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