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I wanna talk about his football team but we wander all over the place when we're talking to lane kiffin about a variety of different subject. So i just want the true story. In retrospect because we were talking about this recently we don't have all the facts. I wanna know how jamarcus russell got picked overall number one and is it indeed off of one game did he was was. He drafted the way the rest of us drafted him which is like watching him in the national championship game and then saying oh that guy should be the first overall pick because i know that you disagreed with picking him i i did. It wasn't a huge thing under jamarcus bridge. Just at the time you know the rookie contracts were so big and to be able to handle. That would take somebody extremely mature. And you're just really had went and evaluated. Calvin johnson went to his pro day and just stop. The sky was going to be one of the best. Ever play an extremely mature to be able to handle that and Now mr davis why had watched that sugar bowl and was in love with the sugar bowl. Any ball like eighty yards or something like that. An workout so He was gonna draft him no matter what based off of that. What would you say is the most frustrating you've ever been with what your evaluation was versus it being diametrically opposed to management saying not. We don't care what your evaluation it. Well that was it. I just thought that was gonna be you know defining moment the first pick of the draft you know especially at the quarterback position is or get right near your set yourself back often so That that was very frustrating in no disrespect just was frustrated that only answer was wide psalm in that game and you go back that that defense that you're learning one very good either rum no most the season so just kind of disappointed disappointed evaluation process for victims of being sixty three million dollars. Thirty one guaranteed. That's my bad. I made it a national championship game when it was just shoulder. Boba tell us so. Take us through how this happens. Do you realize on the spot that you're doomed that if that's the way it's going to work at that position with ownership and you don't have any real power over the evaluation. Do you realize then in there that that relationship's not going to work Realize that it was not going to especially you got position. Because obviously you're gonna need to eventually play the first pick quarterback and not like he's you know some right guard that you can hide him if he's not playing very well in our too immature to handle it so i knew we were probably in trouble them. Did you have much of that. With sabin. where you would have. One analysis and his analysis was diametrically opposed to everything you thought not not many You know and not that far off Again no respect. Mr davis that was you know lot later on in his career in so i don't think he ever agree with you. Know your boss all the time you know like what coach same but not digital is different because there could be disagreement. But there'd be a reason in a lot of study that had gone into that in a lot of points. Wyatt was a better decision. Let's talk about now instead of some distant past stuff. Because i know that you're excited about the sec. I know that you're excited about your program. And i was confused. I've seen some quotes from you. Where the hell was your defense. Last year i felt like there was a whole lot of in your games running up and down the field. Yes there was Where we did not play defense very often last year. Now i think part of that was the covert. I think first year staff struggle on defense without having spring ball so and we had some tranferred transfers. At that time you aren't able to just be eligible. he had sit out without being cleared. So you know hoping those guys will be able to help us this year and had a lot of meteors in had a spring ball timely so we looked be much improved there. Can you take us on a tour of oxford and how much culture shock you had going from ox from boquet oxford that would be culture shock while that's for sure But oxford is awesome. It is a great town reason why it's one of the best college towns in america and so many kids wanna come here and wonderful people But yes said that would be culture shock from boca. That's for sure. What's the closest thing that oxford has to the blue martini. I i would guess somewhere in memphis. Maybe like an hour away. Okay so i want to feel street understand. That was actually going to say that but after like that was a long ways away like but i was going to say that i want to go on a little bit of a tour with you. Show us some of the local flavor. You've been in tennessee. You've been in california you've been in boca raton. Oxford is very different from everywhere. You've been it is You know there's a square with great restaurants and and so there's a lake close by and hit your lake guy now again. I'm not but one people go on it like you get a little spoiled and boko bluewater and you know not a center coast. But that's the ocean right there. You know five minutes from your backyard so i think anywhere you go from. There is down the lake. Tell me more about lake. There is a like. I have not been on it. I haven't driven by Called lake service and go on. Is that the the welcome talks for welcome to there is only if you win. They're gonna rename it late kiffin. That's what i hear. Why probably need to go on it before they put my name on it. I actually go to once No it's just like. I said you get spoiled. You know in in bulkin odin backyard and there's the ocean and everything so And i'm not really a late brown water fishing guide. So i'm probably the wrong person to really appreciate how great lakes services lane we were talking to stan. Van gundy a couple weeks ago. And he said that you were one of the coaches that he would have come on his huntoon boat with him and we were kind of trying to figure out is lane a pontoon boat guys you speedboat guy but he was pretty adamant that you would be a good time on a pontoon boat. Do you like pontoon boats. Too slow speed for you. I'm not a big pontoon guy. They that's what we out on lake starts here would be huntings dentures. There's a like tuscaloosa in Tusk loose out there. That as pontoon. So i did go on that when i was in alabama. And it's nice. It's a simple slow moving vessel I kinda again got spoiled. You know faster. Moving boats down there efficient in south florida lane. Your cigarette boat guy. You're a speedboat guy. You are not a brown water. Lake guy i'm in between. I'm not the speedboat guy. And like you're my engines. How and how many have that's not me either but I'm more like you know the in between boat you can. Fish can bring kids on. You can pull them out onto notion. gets more fascinating. Do what do you listen to when you're out on the boat usually probably country music that feel like that's kinda like the boat water thing you know that you're supposed to have country music or whatever some plan on what are you drink. What are you drinking. I don't think i'm supposed to answer. What do you mean you're not supposed to answer that. Is it beer visit college..

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