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District superintendent Tony Jurado resigned from his position last night a post on the district's Facebook page said he was not the best match for the district's needs parents in a district like Rachel tell come of that sudden right his resignation makes no sense is I haven't heard of any controversy or scandal whatsoever nothing like that it was just from out of the blue I have no idea what happened and I haven't spoken to anyone who has any idea district spokesman telling call they expect to release further details later today we've also reached out to board members for comment a year from today the real ID act kicks in meaning you'll need an enhanced driver's license or a passport to get through security for any flight Theresa Burr instead is director of the department of licensing right now in Washington state about nine hundred and fifty thousand people in his driver's license or ID card fourteen percent of eligible person to rely. the act passed in two thousand five based on security recommendations for the nine eleven commission after the September eleventh terror attacks the enhanced license does cost more seventy eight dollars as opposed to fifty four for the standard license renewal untidy critter protected by the Endangered Species Act blamed for years of delays on a planned road project to make it safer for kids walking to and from this quality middle school one of the Thurston county commissioners is making it very clear he's fed up with it goals carting Johnson reports searching county commissioner Gary Edwards tells the Olympian he's fed up with the go for being prioritized over children the most I'm a pocket gopher to be exact holding up a project which was approved years ago at silicon road southeast between Pacific Avenue and Marvin road.

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