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The west coast eagles could we were going to back to back losses power structure in the nfc organ at new orleans philly minnesota in some more tim item most the new orleans saints and i think they win on thursday night but said the brooklyn marchiani's this what's up mark from gone eight has mark it's good to hear your voice mother let's let's go and labral marco greco colour creepy complain about your well at least don't have to worry about that i mean you're looking at a new gm you're going to worry about bellyache in a bitter monitor valerie st and your gm and yeah longoverdue i see a housecleaning now dow character of of you we were there i wanted to deal with kids out phony two hundred million the smart it bothers me to no end this guy number one is not that good at his job number two in this climate where nfl players of putting their bodies on the line their lives on allied they're not getting guarantee contracts you got a commissioner whose polarizing who's not popular and he's going to pull and fifty million dollars a year i mean it makes me sick to my stomach on which it out go com who were they competing with on it i know and how about this tom brady who i think we can all agree is the most influential nfl player over the last decade he's megawatt like twenty million dollars a year you tell me this commissioner is going to make more than tom brady that bothers me that auslin will be good credit card old in my view and what could were crucified everything very in with the we giving a terrible you are number of year but the readings are down fifty percent 70 percent whatever it is the readings of terrible so why are they signed wire the rush to define amounts of fiveyear 20milliondollar extension i don't get it.

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