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And a lot of the the To the fall for this actually lies. It's charles dickens who wrote his memoirs after after gremaldi died the papers he. Yeah so he wrote the pickwick papers and in the papers there a character a dissipated drunken clown character that you encounter but after that dickins choke gremaldi. 'cause criminality was incredibly visible in popular. He was real celebrity. There was something like an eighth of london had probably seen him on stage at the time that he was alive There's even anywhere else also talking about a time in london's history to where it's expanding dramatically so this is a big population. We're talking about like a lot of people would have seen us And he is a dickens really kind of took it is true that gremaldi life was pretty pretty grim in a lotta ways on by the end of his life he had he had lost his son who died essentially of alcoholism He was himself an alcoholic. He had been in the theatrical world for for so long and had been severely pushed on the stage by fathers. A lot of like a lot of stuff. Going non-marital unpack. Didn't they say that the slapstick comedy. The physical nature of his comedy was so overwhelming to his body that he essentially was unable to do a lot of like normal tasks of how her with even after that early performers actors for television. Look at the people that were prosthetics for monsters and things like that and then ended up completely destroying their bodies for the craft. It's it's a crazy time. Absolutely i mean he he really he hurt himself and this was and he was left disabled by us and and at one point he jokes. I am grim all day. But i make you laugh at night. And that the fact that everybody recognize that he had such a sort of terrible life but that he could go on stage and present his character and make people laugh. And you sort of bring it out of that..

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