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To do what insurance companies have always done recognize the need and then fill it right necessity being the mother of invention come up with a policy that may have a higher premium but a policy that guess what tells the truth how about that for a concept right think about this last year Americans spent over four billion dollars on insurance for travel and that was up a whopping forty one percent over the year before what does that tell you we're concerned we're scared we want protection guess what we're not getting it and I've always said if you're buying a fifty nine dollar ticket on Southwest Airlines opt out of the insurance right the fifty nine dollar ticket but if you're on a five thousand dollar cruise or airline ticket for two that could be easily more than five thousand dollars you want to protect that investment and everybody who did that at least eighty percent of got the bad news that they weren't protected they essentially bought what worthless insurance we got to put a stop to this talk to your elected representatives make sure we pass legislation about truth in language and that what you're buying is adequately and effectively and intelligently meaning you can understand it displayed on the same website on the same web page that you're by yourself okay I hope I make myself clear this is taken from him all right back with more a lot of trouble and your emails and your phone calls I can assure you of that a street apartment your flight might be late but we're on time I on travel we'll be right back this is an advertisement paid attorney spokesperson regular block admitted Massachusetts only Sokolov law LLC Chestnut Hill mass Paul J. Morgan Winter Park Florida right off the New Jersey Michael broken solace admitted Louisiana well this from maintains joint responsibility most cases of this type referred whether attorneys were principal responsibility miso feely alma if you know.

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