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All right so we're back. Usually Rebecca you do the whole debate. You present your evidence Saint Tail and then I tried to just refute it right. Yeah Today would you mind if I start the debate because I have something that I want to say about my own history? Oh okay does this once just this once so I happened to find an amazing article by Kenny Buydell from December twenty nineteen on skeptical inquirer. I definitely have to subscribe to that. Yes you do yeah I did. I found my people know you know what a lot of times Skeptics are a little bit too harsh for me. Sorry skeptic Bros. but I like to do things with kindness elope it okay so anyways He corrects a lot of the history of the house. And after reading it I came up with the a a concept of what might have transpired. This is patty theory of the case. Yeah so I believe that Caroline parent came up with the connection to Bethsheba Bethsheba Sherman. Green whatever you WANNA call her. I green was because she got remarried after after her her husband died. And I believe that. The warrants discovered the dark history of the Arnold's Family House.

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