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Okay, that's the end of SmackDown and raw. Let's give awards. All right. Who did you have for worst dressed? I had Reggie wizzy cosplaying McDonald's worker? That's a good one. Yeah. I had Butch again because you look at Pete Dunne in NXT, yeah, he's short in real life, correct, correct? But he still looks like he's pretty badass. Yeah. And then he comes out and he's wearing Seamus. He just looks like Seamus like 12 year old son. Correct, yeah. So I have Butch again. Little Butch. This is your little Butch. I see a little Butch poking out. Are you excited to see me? You say that you see little boots. Best dressed. Sasha. Yeah, I had sauce. I mean, I was like, should we give it to Kevin Owens? 'cause he cosplay is stone cold. No? No. Were you busting in that to Kevin Owens? No, but it doesn't always have to be like who the sexiest is. Well, I know, but it's usually like who looks the best of what they've got on. Sasha came out. I'm watching by myself when Sasha came out. I just went, holy fuck. Yeah. Right. So yeah, Sasha Banks. Right. Worst acting. Tamina. I had omas. Okay, because I couldn't understand what happened. Absolutely acceptable. Best acting, mister steal your match. Oh, Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins. I had Kevin Owens. Yeah. I mean, they're both great. They were, yeah. Worst comments. Whatever the fuck oh my said. He hired mosses joke. Yeah, that was fine. Best comment. So in Becky's promo, you kind of like skimmed over some of what she said. So she said, I would sell my soul every day and twice on Mondays to keep this title. That's good. I thought that was especially like the twice on Mondays. Right. I thought that was a phenomenal line. Yeah, that's good. I had Owen saying the lights are on, but is anyone home? Yeah. We're smash. Worst match was the mixed tornado tag. Chicken fight? Chicken feet. Okay, yeah, sweet. Slo-mo. Omas. Versus a V's and cruise. Best match, south Seth. That is correct. Right. We're smooth, chicken fight, putting the mic in omas hand. Oh, that's good. It's terrible move. It's a terrible move, bad move. Yeah. Best move, the powerbomb through the table. Yeah, Charlotte, you know, powerbombing Rhonda. Yeah. We're moment or segment. It's gotta be 24/7 again. Yeah, I think so. It has to be. Yeah. And then best moment. I had Becky's promo. Okay. I liked it more than Kevin Owens this thing. I had Kevin Owens this thing. Yeah, yeah. His sting. All right, that was might have been the fastest awards we've ever done. Correct. All right, breaking news. So this past Saturday, Gable steveson won his second consecutive NCAA Division I national championship in wrestling. After the match, he left his shoes on the mat to signal the end of his amateur wrestling career. And he said, I plan on going to WrestleMania. That's the first time WWE fans will see me and when I'm about, I'm gonna put my heart out there. So he's fighting Seth Rollins. I'm sure he'll just come out and like Jenner Mahal will interrupt. Right. And he'll fucking body slam Jinder Mahal. What would be funny is if during the tag match for the raw titles, Otis and Gable come out and like Gable's limping, he's like on crutches. He's like, I hurt my leg, but don't worry. We have another Gable to help. That would be pretty cool. And then he comes out. Actually it would be pretty cool, but they'll never do that. Never ever. So they're not gonna make Steve sent a heel right away. Correct. Even though that's what they should have done with Kurt Angle the first time. Absolutely. Just everyone ate. Well, that's the thing he was so arrogant. It was almost like he was a heel. Right. But no, that should be on our WrestleMania scorecard is who does Gable Steves and beat up? Yeah, Elias. Elias returns just to get it up. Also, a and E, you know how I think it was like a month ago, we were talking about how they re signed with WWE, they're gonna do a shit more biopics and stuff like that. And those are all really good. One of their specials is gonna be about degeneration X oh, nice. And Billy Gunn recently said that he got Tony Khan's permission to film content for it. Oh, cool. So yeah, that's awesome. So looking forward to that, that should be a lot of fun. Yeah. And the undertaker, I'm sorry. The other day. Once again, complaining of the wrestling business isn't what it used to me. I said, what's wrong in a danger? And he says the young guys lack grits compared to the old days. He's like, you know, back then some guys had knives, they had guns in their bags. Now they all have Nintendo switches. He was like, in the old days, if you had a problem in other guy, you'd go in the shower and handle it. And I'm like, what? I'm sorry. Wow, wow. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. You mean like, what the fuck was his name? Who died? Brody. Not Brody Lee. The old guy that was stabbed in the shower. Oh, shit. It's Brody something. There's something Brody. Bruiser Brody. Who's your Brody? Yeah, sorry. Little brain fart there. Yeah. It's like, oh, handle in the shower like bruiser Brody got murdered in the shower. Right, like that undertaker. You want to go back to that? Yeah. So the good old days. Again, like maybe it's because they have to recite shitty dialog and be a part of awful storylines. Right. Maybe that's the problem. Yeah. Yeah. Any other news? Yeah, I actually got a few things here. All right. All right, so first thing, so last Wednesday was three 16 day. What? Igloo, WWE, partnered up to release a portable cooler with all sorts of stone cold stuff on it. You see that? Yeah. It's pretty great. If you got $45 laying around. What? It could be yours. I don't know if this is a pre order, if it ships immediately. But you know, it's still pretty good. Also, I thought these, this was interesting. So EC3's new promotion. Control your narrative. They release their rules and regulations for their promotion. It's fucking Fight Club with pins, basically. So these are the rules. One, you are in control. Number two, you are in control. First of all, about Fight Club. Second robot Fight Club. Yeah. Three. Fights in when you tap out, get knocked out, can't stand or quit. Sanctioned matches, quote unquote. Can envy a pinfall. So are there going to be ropes? I don't want that. Standard quote unquote professional wrestling rules apply. Isn't that sanctioned quote unquote matches? Isn't the isn't that just what bloodsport is? I guess. I don't know. Let's sport is like, I don't even think there's ropes. Right. Chaos ensues in the project pit. I don't know what the fuck that is, okay? Rule number 5, this is a big one. No hashtag super kicks. No hashtag tope suicides. Yeah. Or I'm sorry. Sooner Cena. Oh my.

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