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Topic is peach trees, okay? Everything right. That I know of I have three year old four year old peach. They have most here. Beautiful crop and fertilized printed them back back in January. I have applied oil in the UK during dormancy. Applied activate or serenade Marshall activity when they begin to before just before flowering. And and once since then the question I had is. Last step yesterday. Pruned off not printed. About half of my crop of marble sized peaches in order to get the right size. Now is there anything I should be doing? Now, should I spray again with serenade or it this leave things alone? I would leave bright. Now, the you know, you could use some fertilizer. You can either do fuller spray. Okay. With the liquid fertilizer, very efficient way to spray very economic. Example of a full year fertilizer hasta grow. Okay. Yeah. It's great for encouraging production and virgin, generally, an organically feeling the trees in holes in sprayer. I'd have to mix an an pump it. I always use a him. I think it is available. You know as a hose and product, but pretty big. But yeah, you can with a hand held you should still be able to get what you need. And it's you know, it's you know comes in a couple of different sizes. I always by the smaller size, frankly, just because it makes mixing easier. Okay. Great. Okay. So I'm I'm on the road. Do good crop knock on wood. It sounds like. It shouldn't really help. Okay. Thank you. Bye. You're most welcome. Thank you so much for calling in and right now, we have our friend Leslie in house calling in from the lady bird Johnson Wildflower center. Good morning, Leslie. Are you? I'm I'm really pleased that we're sales not getting rained out at public sale today. Right. It was just gonna get super terrible weather. But that's are. So good. It looks like the showers this morning, and then it's supposed to be by noon. Supposed to start cleared. Nothing be beautiful. And it'll be nice. 'cause you know yesterday was really it was gorgeous. And I did get terribly sunburned. Looking forward to a little cloud cover up to Texas spring. We're on our second day the sale so public come on out those lots and lots of cool stat. Come out for the stuff that is not commercially available. Right. Cool. Thank God there and for people who aren't in the know we're talking about the lady bird Johnson Wildflower center needed plant sale of the wildfires. That are not just a great place to visit. But doing a lot of work on plant propagation, including actually propagating thousands of native plants for people to use. And as you indicated there are a lot of things that are going to be available today that you have to wait another year for or another six months. Yeah. We only do it twice a year, and you know, hats off to the growers. We have consignment growers. We have our own growers. We have native American seat co in person that's my favorite seat company at a time. They bring. He can ask those experts, and then we also have two counties of native plant society. So this is a really special sale where people can come and get things at me more selling things that are pretty rare that we want to really have the general public redistribute out into the landscape. I always say I'm never going to buy things. And I'm looking at it. The ground, but I'm really excited like we have shade plants and cactus and grasses and binds water plants and son plants. So that's something to kind of think about to. We don't just have sunny. Perennials. We have thanks for all areas. The garden and yeah today only from nine to five. It's just that sale is free with general mission. So come on down because. Yeah, it's good. It's been good. I'm more now. Super bowl. I like to say you go and for good 'cause it's a it's a great opportunity for folks. And you know, I love you just you're going to redistributing native plants have a lot of which have been removed from the landscape and kind of do mother nature a favor and also yourself a favor because these plants perform and Z's resistant pest-resistant a lot of them are very Eric. So you know, the the win win it is a win win. And it is from all over Texas. So I am always surprised how far away people come for the sale. I have a lotta people from Houston had people from Dallas. I people down from the coast. So yeah, these are all regions of Texas, and we will help you. We have all our experts are nursery people in our gardeners out there and our arborists that really help you pick a tree or shrub or plant or cactus will. Do well in the area that you are not even just central Austin. That's great. That's great. Well, good luck to you. Hopefully, we'll get some rest tomorrow after the Super Bowl invest wishes to the center for a great sale. Thank you so much keep the weather whether God's on our. Okay. All right. Thanks, tom. Okay. Take carelessly again newsletter of a house and lady bird Johnson Wildflower center. Great to have her on as part of our program. Great to have the waffler center is a part of the program. Of course, you can learn more just bug going online Wildflower dot org. And remember that the center is conveniently located. But there's been some switches in the traffic there if you're heading from Austin itself, you go pass low cost boulevard right now, then circle around back to the lacrosse because they're working on the highway down there. Okay. We'll take a quick break. Come back with more questions. Right. After this. Our telephone number five one two eight three six zero five ninety. Free time tips and fun facts. From Paul Kristen index ter- at total anymore. Did you know there were over one million bubbles in a glass of champagne brunch? Leave the AAC hunting to the kid. 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