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Twenty laps complete when they come back across the line and that will happen about right now here comes the field led by ricky stenhouse junior we talked about him alone but how 'bout dave moody michael mcdowell no surprise he's up there last two times at daytona top ten finishes and he's doing again here tonight a lot of the time when we used to talk about michael mcdowell jumping was on road courses that was his specialty that was his claim to fame if you will when he arrived on the scene here on the monster energy nascar cup series driver as he's known on in the twitter verse is one heck of a plate racer and they've got some very good race cars courtesy of row row spent way racing this season especially here at daytona and talladega front part of the field is now kind of settled down on a single file formation double wide racing a little bit further back in the field but upfront still ricky stenhouse junior and michael mcdowell they are the front two cars and steve post let's talk about the relationship between those two cars they do have something in common there yes as dave pointed out down there and turns one and two calling the action down this is the cost of building the same shop rose fenway racing in front row motorsports have an alliance in front row motorsports gets the cars and engineering support from ross fenway racing now we know last year ricky stenhouse junior maybe made a hat maybe the best placed car across the board across the season one two out of the four races the mastermind behind the plate program at ross spindler racing is jimmy bennett former crew chief and this guy just goes hog wild on played cars he has that stenhouse car dialed in now we're those transfers to michael mcdowell is that doesn't take roll for daytona there are four identical cars ricky stenhouse trevor bayne david ragan michael mcdowell those.

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