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Let alone to interject some others in their 855 to 1 to four, CBS Brian's in Minnesota on the grass show on CBS. Sports Radio. Brian What's up? Hey, man, Thanks for taking my calls you You don't be calling in to defend up player that I just buy. It doesn't liking accurate. I love it. I get a couple of plays like to make him quick. One has anyone had more bad playoff losses than he's pagan last couple of years with the miracle here. Ram game, and then he Kyle Rudolph got one like they should not have lost the Vikings over two years, and I'm a Viking. In defense of him. He made Jimmy Graham you were asking about if he's made any players really good. I think Jimmy Graham would be an example of that. She's done literally nothing after he wasn't playing with three and that all being said Elway is a better quarterback. And always be far head to head. It's interesting that you that you get away in there, Brian and you do make a good point about some of those playoff losses. And yes, there was right. The catch by there was the miracle in Minnesota, right? And then there was the whole, uh As you mentioned the catch by Rudolph And then the most. I mean, the worst bad beat in the history of the NFL, and that is the no. P I call where they had a chance to be able to go to the Super Bowl a couple years ago against the Rams. On. We all know what that matchup would've been. It would've been Brady Brees, and then we would have had a clear divider there to where it would have been okay. They matched up against each other and Super Walters and quarterback against quarterback. Get, it least would be a game for us to be able to say if they had the chance to outduel each other who ended up winning the day. So to speak. And by the way that you that Super Bowl was bowling shoe ugly, wasn't it tied it three or 63 going into the fourth quarter? I mean, that was those gross in terms of Offensive football. I will say that I think he makes an interesting point on Jimmy Graham in terms of a player they drew Brees elevated. I'm sure to write it down as I'm saying it. Because that might be worth some examination. I do wonder how much of Jimmy Graham not being as productive as he was with Drew Brees anywhere else. I wonder how much of that is just his body breaking down because he was a unique tight end. He was one of those dudes who was really kind of a bigger wide receiver. But you couldn't play him out there all the time. And you didn't want and blocking as in a man on the line of scrimmage all the time, so Was a lot like Alvin Kamara. It seems a Sean Payton likes to have that chess piece to be able to move all over the board and whether it's a guy like Reggie Bush or Alvin Kamara or Jimmy Graham. To be able to create the I would create those kind of matchups. Um Graham was one of those guys that just kind of broke down physically, Quite honestly. 855 to 1 to four CBS Steve in Baltimore talking about Drew Brees on the grass show on CBS. Sports Radio. Steven Good evening. Hey, Good evening. How you doing? I'm good. Steve. What's up? What do you have tonight? Well, I definitely well, you know this Reese retired was definitely a late breaking news. I'm sure he had plenty of time to think about it. He's definitely as far as that's concerned. He's definitely one of the greatest quarterback. Of all, you know, you know, get this passing records and touchdown record. Now, if he knows the top 10 best quarterbacks in NFL history, no top kids, So he taught 15. Maybe Definitely the top 20. But I will say this, though in his college career and an NFL career, he's definitely one of the greatest quarterback that produced and the New Orleans Saints has ever had. And let's don't forget he did. Take that produce bowl of makers to their various and probably their only Rose Bowl in their school history. So you know it's sad to see Drew Brees retired, but I'm pretty sure he's definitely got a bright future..

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