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Nasty but it's home to get the cook ran. How mostly it's because my nostrils. Mostly it's because of my stuff. But i think my stuffy noses i think it's hormonal. I think it's what's my other theory. Also i need to get a air purifier in this apartment. Yeah i- biohazard. I got one weekend. I got one make such a fortunately to get friends. it's actually who are mutual friends. Sev- works for. Oh yeah let me get the name. Because i don't i don't know offhand. They make their air purifiers water purifiers. I'll get the name but yes made such because has terrible allergy. Yeah and he's like wait. Why am i right. Aren't they that bad. And i turned it on high and it's just been drought. Which in in the air. It feels really really good. I've never had allergies. Knock on wood. So i don't know i only by proxy and feeling the pain of like sean can't breathe. It is like his is a hormone. There actually is a lot of research when you have high estrogen You're more likely to have allergies. Were so i was thinking too. I'm like how my estrogen potentially off in the past couple of months compared to my professor. And i always think of an also to how what am i eating. That could potentially be allergy inducing. A lot of nuts. Yup because if i have a lot of nuts all the time did not can also contribute to the allergies. But i also need a really good air purifier. And don't they say like Not your immune system is down. Yes there is something a little bit also too. It's like if you have a lot of something that you're larger to get leaky gut and that could really mess up with your immunity as well. But we just named ten different. I get crabs and the crabs get allergies to thing. We are not doctors dairy. Obviously i hope i hope at the beginning of the episode. Not notch shed doc. Yeah but the stuff by so today. We had a session where we had an interview with manila. That's coming out soon. She is intuitive in healer. And she's just so under the radar. Which is my favorite thing. Yeah and when peeps is under the radar so we were talking with manuela. We were talking about how she's in apprenticed with a lot of different elders. And i was thinking about how in our western culture. We just don't value elders. And we almost like siphon off elderly people into homes and i almost wonder if it's because we value youth and children's so much because we wanna always in our minds get back to that because we always abandoned our inner child and then also to it's like the media values them because they're programmable and so it's like you can program the kids And the younger people but the elderly people you can't and when you siphon them off into homes and other places then you keep everyone from receiving the wisdom of like elders older for. Yeah i i also feel like you know. Sitting with an elder is like confronting for some people. yeah like. It's like looking at their future of like getting older. Yeah of of death of all of these things and we also talked about not actually in our other interview that we had today just on this resistance and like kind of disgust getting older and like having kind of these disorders around like a changing as like you just age and how that is like basically something that we are sold a lot of things to take care of. Yeah it was actually funny. The a few weeks ago we went to visit mom. She lives outside of the city and every single sunday and his mom sixty seven every single sunday. She goes to visit ms facey. Who is she's ninety two..

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