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This is kind of exciting in. Oh, alex. I want to welcome you to the program. Thank you for spending. A few minutes of your day with us, but take us back. You initially started with us. I guess probably even close to a year to go. But what was your thought process into coming into our program? What made you make you decide to start our process? Well, the biggest thing is, you know, we have been very healthy thinking, you know, we were thinking that you know, we're doing all the right things, and we weren't out we work out every day. And we watched our eating habits. So we thought and there's nothing change as we were. Your signals pretty tricky. But I think Alex what he was referring to is that he felt like they were doing more or less everything appropriately. But he felt like he was kind of getting lost along the way. And there weren't really any results in any way. I always go back to it's not about eating less and exercising more, but it's health restoration. But it's creating that proper body chemistry getting your body chemistry back on track. And that's what creates health restoration. But ultimately resetting your metabolism. And allowing that level of chronic inflammation to really change overnight. And it's funny. We just talked to Megan earlier in this show about that same thing. You know, you think you're doing everything right? You're you're working hard at being healthy, you you're not feeling it. You're not seeing it and this program really puts you over the top because it gives you the tools to do it. Right. And I think that's what you were saying, right? Alex. Well, absolutely. And and the thing was that, you know, I'm I'm sixty seven years old, and I always get carded because I don't look my age. I felt my age. I could feel my hands, you know, arthritis in my fingers and my knee the knee operation, and it was painful, and and I thought I was doing everything. Right. And then one day, you know, I mean, we're we're fairly newly married my wife, and I and we were just happy in love, and you know. Vice team sometimes at night and eating some of the wrong stuff, and we did wages came on. And he just kept coming on and on. And we looked at the scale. I looked at the scale one day, and I went, and you gotta be kidding me. That can't be me. There's another person standing on that scale. I. I would go to the game twice a day. And we would eat more vegetables and engage because after the locked into. Our whole our whole chemistry. Didn't change. A friend of ours in back on who was a former buccaneer. Let's see. Yes. Like a bunch of weight, and he mentioned, Dr Shannon. I said, okay. Sounds like, you know, voodoo doctor. Go visit him, and then we went to visit him, and I am a super skeptical guy because I've tried so many things that you know, in my in my garage. I have a lot of fitness equipment that.

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