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Just at same day service seven days a week coming up on wtop flying cars available for pre -order well whether george jetson would approve that's up in the air it's nine twenty one feeling overlooked by your business bank treated like another number in a sea of digits at capital bank we see beyond the numbers we see the drive behind each business while others are pulling back we're pushing ahead providing businesses with the loans and lines of credit they need to thrive capital bank turning ifs and buts into plants and profits we're not just in your zip code we're your in corner capital bank m d dot com number f d i c diabetes high blood high pressure anxiety meds everyone's on them if you're a fifty year old male maybe a bit porky and you may even have type two diabetes a million dollars of term insurance may only cost you about two hundred bucks a month called term provider speak with big blue at eight hundred two hundred nineteen sixty six big blue find will a term life policy for you even if you have type two diabetes are overweight or have high blood pressure term providers help thousands of people like you think they can't afford term life insurance to buy a million dollars of affordable term life for you all you need to do is called big blue at eight hundred two hundred nineteen sixty six blue will make sure the scales are tipped in your favor call eight hundred two hundred nineteen six sixty big blue will answer your call and work to fit you into a term life policy that you can afford remember big blues like you he's on meds to call eight hundred two hundred nineteen sixty six eight hundred two hundred nineteen sixty six discover your outdoors during outdoor adventure days at dick's sporting goods at fair oaks mall test gear or ask your experts what's best in outdoor gear plus take up to seven hundred dollars off select gt mountain bikes and one hundred dollars off select kayaks outdoor adventure days this this is w two p news it's nine twenty three the first flying car has been approved for takeoff well it's a delorean questions will it's be answered no delorean and it won't take you back to the future but the FAA has granted legal permission to test the first all -electric flying car cool it doc this one just goes 25 miles per hour before it can use its flight capabilities to go any faster it also still needs another green light from the NTSB but the flying car is available now for pre -order about three hundred thousand dollars deliveries expected in late 2025 yes news how do employers choose between hiring candidates CBS radio Stephen Greenberg irkshare some insight on average over four million americans are hired for new jobs every month how do they do it particularly for the more competitive and higher paying positions here's what employers tell

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