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And the oh ju on a high pop foul i have plenty of room makes there too is the one oh swung on year to love there is no to make the cash and that's the wendy's yankees turning point of the game tune in to our flagship station wfan tomorrow between ten and eleven am to correct led by the wendy's yankees turning point you'll have a chance to win a pair of yankees ticket stranding to after being given a gift on the double error by jose ramos and the still not on the board mets leading to nothing they went to the night and anthony swore zach who gave up the home run to judge in the eighth inning last night he faces stanton bird and sanchez two three and four to try and close out this to nothing gain giancarlo stanton struck out looking he was oprah foreign the night with three ks greg bird walked so the time rose once again the batter's box and it's gary sanchez sitting on oprah three night the batting average still well under two hundred and sanchez hit it well he just hit it right at frazier and here's how it ended at third throwback diverse double play ball game over matt swim gary actually hardy at a line drive to frazier but he threw a cross and attract a bird and the double play goes five three in the mets win the ballgame by the final of two to nothing just three hits for the yankees and they are shut up for the first time this year lugo gazelle minutes wars that combining on the three hitter todd frazier at the two run homer in the fifth inning that accounted for the games only runs he was to perform the night and he made nice grab and throw across to complete the game ending double play in the ninth todd frazier is today's player of the game brought to you by millennium honda talk about a grand slam right now millennium honda's willing to pay up to three thousand dollars over book value for any trade in visit millennium honda dot com should give a share that.

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