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It should be in pretty damn good for a while. Have a game like that using bounce back that respond in the last week all the crap they took throw academies got it touched out packers stiers fee on it right now it. Right by baggers ear four touchdown game for our and jones like to say a lot of and it's nice to come back in you after a game like that. I'm kobe. we are jalen and jacoby. what is it that we do. We get a huge win. Four last night huge win the lines. They were off by three points at halftime against the green bay. Packers jalen win the lines. I mean the have new game come. What a win new signs you you. Mvp jared goff going to the best tight end in the hocken sin at the back is all. You saw winning at the half. Seventeen to fourteen we at in our roger. Aaron jones on the waltz at the have and then there was the second half second-half during which aaron jones and aaron rodgers made the lines. The absolutely foolish absolutely foolish. Jalen what happened in the second half won the first half it was more like that was the first half celebration that we have right and then in the second half is more like neil so aaron. Joel's had one two three four touchdowns and i was actually rooting for him. Because he was paying homage to his late. Father and i was rooting for him. I'm glad he did really will. Aaron rodgers guys go in the second half. He found davante adams particular. Own a beautiful bomb in the third quarter. And then before you know it the row was on the row was on and then the only thing was not the pay a tissue to was a couple of things that are really important. What jamal is gonna give me a touchdown. Because i bet that he would hope would allies cover. You met then they would twelve and a half two and a half almost two touchdowns and in this very oh no twelve and a half points and you lines couldn't even cover jalen. This was a doubt race last night. He said like honestly. I don't think you're gonna win a game. I don't think they're going to win a game. I don't come. I don't think they'll cover the entire season. There is a serious concern about this football team when you look at the nfc north which one of these teams is good. Houston that's me. Which one of these things is. Good well for those. They wanna cherry pig. Jj material we let you know just it feels is going to be start against the lions when they play. That's his first star when you look at that division. There isn't a team as you. Just show that's undefeated which means we're still in striking distance. That's all that means. we still strike it. Is you saw the bears. You buy the lines closer. Going on strike. The lines are closer to going on strike then to be within striking distance to win. The division would be less surprised if they literally on strike and stopped playing for dan campbell. Then if they actually threatened to win the division packers are gonna have that division easily. That game last night was interesting but it was aaron rodgers after the game. Who had this to say. Which was i just think people like to say a lot of both and it's nice to come back here after a game like that little little weight here at the end. What do you think we think of the week on this disappointed. He didn't make reference to scotch after a game like that. Dad has to be the focus. But i see them getting hydrated anytime somebody not about the turn up. They got a bottle of water..

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