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A computer? So I think Chinese -cational system sucks. Okay. So we're not going to China anytime soon. That's very true working at a church day, odd jobs until two thousand five away. He bounced around from job working at a church doing odd jobs until two thousand and five while he's working at the church. He tells his wife, he's God's voice, and now response to this, she picks simply. Tells into sleep it off. So imagine me coming to you, any time in our marriage and saying, hey, guts, talking to me is your first thought going to be, well, maybe you're tired. I thought would be get the goal for me on the fuck away. Not. Hey takes sleeping pills, and call me in the morning. All right. So that's the KOMO Mary. In two thousand five he got a job as a forklift operator simplest culture and his wife worked as a waitress in Winnipeg. This is also the year he found he was found walking in days, only a Canadian highway and admitted to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation once Simi, lucid he checks himself out against medical advice and does not seek further help. So he's heard God's voice, and now he's found walking along the highway till he's a picture of mental health parents completely out of it. Right. And he just checks his only out. I mean he probably went home. Sleeping pill. I'm sure it was all fine. But yeah, I mean this, this is not how the scenes live their life. What could possibly people saying? People live their lives. All right. So for some reason in two thousand and six leases fuck it. He actually said fuck. Fuck it different accents. Not doing. Just thinking about bucket. He's act. He says fuck it here's his wife and moves to Edmonton, eight hundred miles away, which leave your wife. No shit at least across the country in Edmonton, he works at WalMart. Mcdonald's even doesn't newspaper delivery co workers described him as a hard working and reliable. But that changes midway through two thousand eight just four weeks before he completely loses his ship. He gets some type of disagreement with a co-worker WalMart and he's fired because of it yet. So getting fired from WalMart. The full is actually happen. You have easily get into a disagreement with coworker. Walmart is not the place you get fired from WalMart, place, you go from parole too. I just thinking about like the league in screaming match that must have happened. All the Chinese. All right. So let's fast forward four weeks to July, two twenty ninth two thousand eight at midnight July twenty eighth. Okay. So midnight joy Twenty-eight Libor to bus bound for Winnipeg. Hawaii going to Winnipeg. Well, transcript stella's that Lee says, oh, God told him to go to Winnipeg, God speaking again, he's run out of sleeping Burley's, much leaving very well and I'm more interested in. Oh, God told mistake greyhound preference for greyhound. Maybe that's one hell of a advertisement travel with us. God likes us. So we know that lease on a mission from God, which we can call all agree. If you're actually hearing guns what is about to go down. Well lease on his best for eighteen hours. I would lose my shit after being on a bus for a did ours don't work. He will lose his ship. No issues mentioned on this leg of the trip. Passers passengers don't even notice Lee, and everything is moving along just swimmingly. Keep swimming just keep swimming. Dory. Batori story craft. All right now, Lee whose unissued from God decide bucket. I'm not going to listen to God anymore and I'm not going to Winnipeg at six pm on July twenty ninth, he gets off the bus in air Manitoba and spends the night, sitting on a bench for the next twenty four hours. So he's been sitting on a bus for eighteen hours now. He's going to sit on a bench for twenty four more. Maybe the bus was less comfortable than the venture. I really fucking doubt it, but it was greyhound Cisse's notice I say, sitting that's because witness statements say that three AM on the thirtieth. Lease seen sitting bolt upright with his eyes open on that same bench figured this guy hasn't slept in twenty four hours. And we all know he needs to sleep otherwise he hears. He hears God shit if he does walking down now freeways. All right. So lease OB words, have him listening to guide. So he's sitting on a bench listening to guide. We'll probably I don't know. Okay. So for almost twenty four hours. No sleep God's whispering any ear, what could go wrong. Well, as we are about to find out a lot. That's all in Cavs would I nervous you You like it. like it or you link has now disobeyed God and did not stay on the best heading to Winnipeg. But take some bowls. If you go tell you get on this looking bussing go here. He decides FU God, I'm getting off at you. Chinese accent. Okay. I'm really trying hard not to do this disrespectful accents right now. All right. So he told God if I have decided to tempt fate gets on the next bus that stops in front of him. That buzz is the greyhound bus carrying Tim McLean to Manitoba Canada. Regionally sitting at the front of the bus with soon after the trip started league. It's a message from God, that Tim is evil and going to execute him receiving this revelation. He moved from the front of the bus to sit next to town, so yeah. Apparently, God warns him that Tim is evil is going to execute him in his first choice is up next. Fuck. Yeah. That wins survey gotta moved and sat next to him, if I get a text message coming on text message from God wins for. This message from God that someone's going to kill me. I'm getting off the fucking balls. Staying away from that person. I'm not going to do next to the person but hey that he had he made. So soon after taking his seat next attempt Lee pulls out, what was described as Rambo style hunting knife, and stabs him repeatedly in the neck and chest saying repeatedly is a little bit of an understatement. Witnesses stated he kept stabbing Tim upwards of fifty or sixty times he was on mission from God. Fifty. What's witness was sitting there one two. The coroner's report says fifty or sixty times, but those are some observant witnesses. Keep reading, it's, it's worse, we wish this is where the story could end. But as we know lease getting directions from God, if you read the Old Testament, God has a habit of overkill retreat. We've already seen over Cal fifty or sixty times he was making sure you got the job done. Okay. This point there's a panic button on the best. No, there's a panic on the bus, probably panic. Don't worry, the driver quickly pull over and all the passengers ran off the best, a very brave passenger and truck driver who's had stopped help attempt to get back on the bus so they can see if they can help Tim Tim is beyond help fifty or sixty times beyond probably a and fortunately, we get back on the boast they see lease beheading him. He's a vision from God. Oh, god. God said kill them, apparently so Rambo style knife, and you're beheading someone that's not an easy thing to do. Right. Me. The biggest thing I've beheaded as a chicken. Okay. Since seeing them, Lee charges them, and they both could data just. High tailing it off the bus in close to close the best stores behind them trapping. Leeann side now that Lee is trapped inside the bus. He goes back to the body and starts dismembering the body of Tim Mickley. He completely severs Tim's head and runs. Runs back and forth on the bus with the head. I just want vision guy with his arm the head and his hand running back and forth on the best like a little kid on the school with a really high pitch changed. I. At this point. Some of the other passengers are now on the roadside. It wouldn't you? I can only imagine the scene the blood coming out of the bus, and there's a stream of vomit going down the side of the freeway. All right. So nine pm the police arrive window the start. This is like six o'clock. Right. No started around Kate. So we're about an hour. Okay. So we're about an hour ends in. Yeah. So the police arrive at nine PM. Please do not try him board the bus no sh. I would really well. What's he going to do you have a gun? He has a nice he's done a lot of damage with this knife, and he's got ahead. Don't forget, he's got ahead. So when they hear right and instead of trying, they try to negotiate with Lee, these hearing voices from God. We're going to try and talk to him more. And fortunately this go she takes a bit too long league gets hungry. Yeah, he's penny. Lee removes the eyes nose ears tongue and heart. Oh he eats. He's impart of the heart. We know which part of the heart doesn't matter any puts the other in his pocket, T. Staving snacks, Relator sofa growth of healthy AM after seeing the God told him to never leave the bus leaves ice to give a big FU to cut again and attempts to exit the bus where he's captured. Okay. So this is where the story ends you so wish it was, I have a whole nother page. Yeah. I know it's oh, I want. Here's what I wanna add happen guilty. Kill him put him in prison. I don't care. What do they have the death sentence can Canada Notre nice for that? Jink and purpose. Another way, nice and candidate for the death penalty. Okay, Lee who is crazy. I just have to read, what you put on, I wrote, no matter what I wrote was crazier than my mother had a good-will sale. She likes me like you. Not going to that goes to court. And, of course, is found in Saint, imagine if he wasn't founded. Well, they some crazy that happens around here we don't have Canada. They give you the benefit of down candidate. So have you say God's talking to you and you're not in saying, all right, but he's still convicted of second degree murder on Canada's second degree murder means it was not planned. So I understand this part at all how who crosses country on a bus with a Rambo knife in their fucking bag? Rambo. So he had a ramble night. He was going to do something to somebody. We just don't know who this time. But he wasn't premeditated. He wasn't thinking about it. Seriously? He was he was going to kill somebody they because he didn't know who he was gonna kill. Maybe that's where so I can go out and throw a dart hit somebody in the head and go billiard ball. I'm not handle. I coordination is not that good. All right. So these found guilty and insane and sent to the show Kirk mental health center and put into secure word. So he's locked away and we're done now. Right. This is Canada are overly. Nice, so no, we're not done yet. All right. May two thousand eleven only two years later Lee is reported to be doing much better. And it's recommended that he received more freedoms facility over the next few months, you know, being allowed to walk around with the nurse in the grounds. Hang out in the community, who typical kinda shit I so I'm good with all this from with that. I mean he has heard God's voice in two years. Well, we don't know. He's God poisoning. He's not admitting to God's just being nice to him. Okay. So this goes on for a while in may seventeenth twenty twelve the illegi decided he's doing so well that they will allow him to have unsupervised visits. To the town of south Kirk the let him leave probably on bus. No, he's not allowed..

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