Two Years Ago, Buddha, Ninety Four Toes discussed on Yokoji Zen Dharma Talks


We hope you enjoy the talk. Good morning. I'm deanne john on larson the head trainee for this spring training period. Thank you so much for joining us this morning. Attention toes on was ill among asked osho. You are sick is there. Someone not sick chosen answered. Yes there is the monk asked osho does the one who is not set. Look after you toes on replied. This'll monk is able to look after others. The monk asked osho how about when you look after others toes on said than the having of sickness is not seen this is case ninety four toes zones illness from the book of equanimity. In this main case we learned that the venerated toes on is ill very ill among cubs to visit him in his somewhat impertinent as he notes this monk sickness he does not ask if he can help but decides instead to test toes on with questions about sickness and not sickness in caretaking the toes on his. Ill is willing to engage with this monks questioning toes on states quite strongly that there is someone who is not sick and that he is very able to look after others and that when he does. The having of sickness is not seeing questions. My experience with questions is that they usually produce more questions rather than answers and that is exactly the purpose of questions about the important matters. Questions are demanding that we give attention to something that we look into the matter deeply to clarify our understanding in this case in my own experience. Working with this choline. I'm asking who's the one not sick. How is it that the one who was ill is looking after others. we might think that should be reversed. How is it that sicknesses not seen and who doesn't see it myself others. Both when i chose this con- i surprised myself. Why focus for weeks on illness. Death in caretaking hadn't seen and experienced enough this pandemic year in the years just previous with the illness of family members. The deaths of my parents and several dear friends unexpected medical issues of my own decades of work before my retirement attending to human suffering. The answer was obvious. This is the reality of our human life of my life. Not the totality certainly but the focus of much time energy learning to navigate the daily demands attend to the needs of self and others manage emotional response so as to be a real help how to attend a nurture when the balance in life seems maladjusted. This is another question posed in the preface to this mean case. How does one attended. Nurture schalke muni. Buddha said out to clarify the issues of old age sickness and death and to relieve suffering after having been shielded by his family from the reality of the human condition. He vowed to reach understanding for as long as it might take to do so. We continue this practice. That has been passed down through generations of teaching. When i entered this spring training period. I signed a petition. Participation that included the statement icon here realizing that the problem of life and death is a vital matter. This cohen is one pathway to deepen my relationship to this vital matter. As i sit sauce and i have the opportunity to examine mayan of life and death of sickness and health to confront my- fears of sickness and death and look beyond categories that hinder my opportunity to appreciate each moment of my life as rises in practicing. We have the opportunity to set body and mind at rest beyond sickness and not sickness. Two years ago. I was thrust into this matter of sickness. Non sickness and the necessity of setting my mind at rest rather than spiraling into anxiety and creating suffering for myself as i began to tell myself stories that were arising from my fears after some brief symptoms in some medical tests. I received a call from my doctor a few days later. He told me a diagnosis that i dreaded hearing. I would need surgery soon. At a subsequent period of recuperation there were unknown factors to consider. That could not be known until after the surgery before the call. I was not sick moments later after the call i was sick. How could this be after my initial alarm. This question question actually helped see me through until i could have the needed surgery. I realized that i was feeling the same. Look the same doing things. I had always done at night. I went to bed and counted my breath when i felt inside the arising when a story arose from my fears i asked myself. How are you right. Now what do you know to be true now. I woke in the morning. I made breakfast walked in. The sunlight looked at the trees. Listen to the birds. As i always do was sick was.

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