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You just insult the crap out of my friends. i'll criticism. It crosses one thing but a guy is boring in santa's another. I mean the last time he was on he was said with us. And i was all excited monde because i wanted to tell the story about the baguette and sag harbor and i talked about that and he was sand recanting that as well but you guys made the list. That's all i'm saying. Well hopefully he's not said on youtube today and by the way While he's ac also you made his list you guys maybe not so much you. Go but really al and craig yes. That's fine. that's fine i mean. He's he could barely walk as more anyway. Kick them right in the leg new replacement right so it's fine. That's a guy he could probably take al. I think at this point. No i don't think so from yeah you could run away from them. But you're not gonna take them. You're not gonna take johnny franklin now that you've made his list either. Oh definitely wouldn't be able to police the ip but here's the thing we love. John gianfranco. I had a great time with him. I saw a fishing tournament..

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