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And there is there's another uh article i was reading somewhere else i can't remember where but uh were they were saying that you know the the movie theaters are trying desperately to get people's butts back in the seats yeah this box office modrow things has brought tickets sold it's not about um mrs nothing about money although i do know that it is down i don't think that the box office was you i i don't think there's a core i don't think that it's the lowest box office in 25 years is just the most mena tickets sold so it's like it's all it's all in the headline rights on how you spin it yes on like i'm sure like this was like the lowest era in white blast light decade made me but not twenty years so it we i i i don't know it's i think it's hard to talk about films that i feel were like a disappointment when we've got you know when we kind of started down the whole the internet is being toxic the landen's being toxic opd but it's the one thing i do find weird though is like i was thinking about this the other day because somebody posted like uh in a tweet about all the phantoms that were toxic in a deadly include like marble fans i think more will fans are just as toxic as any other an oh yeah um especially the ones that can usually be heard uh.

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